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God Of War – All Difficulty Levels Explained

Here are all of the Difficulty Levels that you play God of War.

God of War is an action-adventure game. As with other such games, you can play it in multiple difficulties. Each difficulty can range from easy to impossible and serve as a refresher for those who would like to play the game again. In God of War, there are 4 Difficulty Levels and each of them is very unique. In today’s guide, I will explain each Difficulty Level in God of War.

What are the Difficulty Levels in God of War?


difficulty levels in god of war

Like I have said before, there are 4 Difficulty Levels. Each of them corresponds to either Easy, Normal, Hard, or Expert difficulty levels. The Difficulty levels are:

  • Give me a Story
  • Give me a Balanced Experience
  • Give me a Challenge
  • Give me God of War


Here is an explanation of each of them.

Give me a Story

In this Difficulty Level, the gameplay is rather easy as the combat in battles is not that demanding. Kratos can defeat his opponents very easily as they have no resistance and he deals a lot of damage. This is the easiest Difficulty Level as it is for those who want to enjoy the Story of God of War more. If you want to have a smooth game, then choose this one.


Give me a Balanced Experience Difficulty Level in God of War

Here the gameplay gets a bit tougher as compared to the previous one but is still very manageable. It balances the gameplay where you can enjoy the story as well as the gameplay mechanics. So if you want the best of both worlds, this Difficulty Level is for you in God Of War.

Give me a Challenge


Here come the big guns, this Difficulty Level of God of War is for those who want to be challenged by the game. Every enemy is tough and is heavily influenced by stat buffs & debuffs. You will a certain level of skill to defeat each challenge as all enemies have a power-level advantage over Kratos. You will have to take each fight with caution and careful planning.

Give me God of War

This is the most difficult level of the game you can play at. This Difficulty Level is everything Give me a Challenge is but on steroids. Enemies have more resistance to damage, they can also power up to their elite versions (a more powerful version), debuffs are stronger and are more potent, and the list continues. You will need, and quoted by the game, God-like reflexes and good strategy. This Difficulty Level is for the Veterans who seek a Challenge worthy of their time. Also, another thing about this Difficulty level is you cannot change it in between a game and must start a new game to change it.

This was all about the Difficulty Levels in God of War. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides on How To Upgrade The Leviathan Axe & All God Of War Games In Order.