Diablo 4 Class Tier List & Best Solo Class You Should Pick

Here's a Diablo 4 Class Tier List. Take a look at the best solo class.

Are you looking for a Diablo 4 Classes Tier List and the best solo class in the game? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you will need. While the game is new, if you have played the previous games in the franchise, you will feel right at home. There are five classes this time around Necromancer, Druid, Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Even though you might have played these classes in the earlier version, it is always a good thing to get a glance at how things are. So, we recommend you check out the best classes in the game before you head on to face against evil.

Diablo 4 Classes Tier List – Which is the Best D4 Class?

Diablo IV Best Solo Class Tier List

While you can try out each character if you want to experiment, a tier list will help you select the best class. Since there are numerous save slots, you can go through the game with each character. But if you don’t have that much time to spare, here’s the D4 Class Tier List:

  • S Tier – Necromancer
  • A Tier – Rogue
  • B Tier – Sorcerer, Barbarian
  • C Tier – Druid

Diablo IV Classes Explained

  • Necromancer – Necromancer is one of the best classes in the game that provides a good balance between ranged and melee attacks. There are numerous moves that this class has that can help you strategize in different situations. As a solo player, this is certainly the best class to choose in Diablo IV.
  • Rogue – Rogue is a fast-paced class that has the ability to knock down strong enemies and provide excellent crowd control. Although they are good with melee, their range attacks are splendid. Although we have ranked them A Tier in this Diablo 4 Class tier list, Rogues are a great class to have in the game only falling short of Necromancer.
  • Sorcerer – As the name suggests, this class is more skilled in its range attacks along with crowd control and AoE attacks. For a player who prefers range over the melee, Sorcerer is the class to choose with a bag of spells and powerful attacks.
  • Barbarian – Barbarian is a pure melee class that provides heavy damage to its enemies. For those who like close combat, Barbarian is the one you would want to go for particularly for its build and buffs. As a solo player, you might also benefit from its ability to get a tank-type build. However, Barbarians do face difficulties against the various bosses in the game. Since they don’t have much in terms of ranged ability, some bosses can overpower Barbarians.
  • Druid – Although Druid is particularly interesting, they don’t seem to stand out as much as the other classes. They can deal splendid damage with their shapeshifting abilities and AoE attacks. While their addition is an interesting one in Diablo IV, players who want to have unique summons and builds are the ones who will likely choose it.

Best Solo Class to Choose Diablo 4

Necromancer is the one that takes up the slot for the best solo class in Diablo 4 from this tier list. This is without a doubt a top-tier class as we have seen through numerous games in the franchise. While classes are selected depending on game style preference, namely ranged or melee, Necromancer is a class that fits both. While facing a horde of evil, you will need balanced attacking between ranged and melee and you can get that here.

That’s all there is from this Diablo 4 Class Tier list with the best solo class. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Diablo IV guides right here at Gamer Tweak.