How Devourer Elixir Works In Project Slayers

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

If you plan on upgrading your Devourer weapons in Project Slayers then you should get yourself a Devourer Elixir. By itself, it isn’t of much use as it isn’t needed for upgrading them. But after you use it you can speed up the process of collecting blood and in general get the upgrades faster. So here is what the Devourer Elixir does and how you can get and use it.

What is Devourer Elixir in Project Slayers?

Unlock and Use Devourer Elixir in Project Slayers

Devourer Elixir is an item that you can buy for 100 Robux from the in-game shop. Using it gives you 2x Blood from the kills you get for the next 15 minutes. And you will need Blood if you plan to upgrade your Devourer Scythe, Katana, or Fan.

How to Get Devourer Elixir in Project Slayers

You have to buy the Devourer Elixir from the shop in order to get it.

  1. Open the in-game menu by pressing the M-key on your Keyboard.
  2. Here click on the coin bag icon to open the shop.
  3. You should be in the Items section.
  4. Here on the second column and first row. You can find the Devourer Elixir, click on its Buy button. Do remember this purchase costs you 100 Robux. And if you don’t have them then you will first need to buy them using real money.

Once successfully purchased you can find it in your inventory.

How to Use Devourer Elixir

You can use the Devourer Elixir from your Inventory.

  1. Press M and open the game’s menu.
  2. Click on the bag icon to open your inventory.
  3. Here, click on the Devourer Elixir and use it.

Now, each time you get a kill you will get double the amount of blood for the next 15 minutes.

In case you don’t want to buy the Elixir then you should get yourself the Devourer Gear Set. It consists of the Devourer Mask, Top, and Bottom. And its set bonus also grants you 2x Blood per kill.

That’s everything that you should know about the Devourer Elixir. If you want to learn more about similar items then check out our guide on the Polar Elixir and how it works.

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