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Devil Cookie Cake Order Recipe: Cookie Run Kingdom

Take a look at the recipe to make Devil Cookie Cake Order in the Cookie Run Kingdom easily.

Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) always tends to introduce new events & cookies to keep the players engaged. And they have done it again, a new event is live known as “The Sugar Gnomes Holiday Cake Shop”. In this event, the player will run a cake shop to fulfill the Cookie’s cravings. If you do it successfully you’ll get a total of 5 hearts reviews with other rewards. However, as easy as it may sound, it isn’t, the Cookie will only provide you with the hint of the cake, they want. It’s you who has to figure out the recipe, if they don’t like the cake then they will give you a bad review. But don’t worry we are here for your rescue. In this article, we’ll help you fulfill, Devil Cookie Cake Order in Cookie Run kingdom.


How to Make Devil Cookie Cake Order in Cookie Run Kingdom (Recipe)

Devil Cookie Cake Order Recipe In Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) the Devil Cookie will order a Toppings Galore cake. It won’t tell you the whole recipe, and don’t make the mistake to ask the cookie “What cake?”. If you do, then doing so will affect your overall review. Follow the ingredients recipe mentioned below to bake the cake easily.

  • First, select the Sweet Choco Cream base.
  • Next, go ahead and add the tier of the cake. (The number of tiers might differ for every user.)
  • After that, don’t put any frosting and click on the Next button.
  • Then, simply add 1 unit of all the toppings that are as mentioned below.
    • 1x Jellybean
    • 1x Yellow Bear Jelly
    • 1x Pink Bear Jelly
    • 1x Candy Flower
    • 1x Sugar Snowflake
    • 1x Sugar Gnome Figurine
    • 1x Tart Cherry
    • 1x Chocolate Angel
    • 1x Magic Lettering Pen
    • 1x Juicy Orange
    • 1x Tangy Blueberry
    • 1x Choco Star
  • Once done, hit the Complete & Finish button and you’ll be good to go.

Now go ahead and give the cake to the Cookie and be ready to receive excellent reviews and rewards. That sums up everything about the recipe to make Devil Cookie cake order in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). While you are here take a look at how you can make Sorbet Shark Cookie cake order in the game.