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Destiny 2: What Is Elemental Charge

All your queries about elemental charge solved.

While playing Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2, you would notice a message on the left of your screen reading elemental charge. Many new players are confused about what is the elemental charge. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will learn what is the elemental charge, how to increase it, and how to use it?

Destiny 2: How to Use Elemental Charge

In Solstice of Heroes, all enemies a player defeats drop elemental orbs. There are three types of orbs, Solar, Arc, and Void. Orbs dropped by enemies depends on the attack that the player uses to defeat them. If the enemies are killed with solar damage, then they drop solar orbs.

Simply walk over the dropped orbs to collect them. Each collected orb will add 1 stack of elemental charge. Once a player gets 30 stacks, he or she will be buffed with an elemental effect. A player can be buffed with three different effects respective to the three elemental orbs. These three elemental buffs are:

Solar: Use solar weapons to kill enemies and collect elemental orbs they drop. While buffed with solar elemental charge, guardians will emit solar flame. This flame will destroy anything around them.

Arc: Kill enemies with Arc subclass weapons so that defeated enemies drop Arc orbs. Collect 30 Arc orbs and unleash the elemental buff. This buff enhances the guardian’s speed so that they can deal more damage with melee and sword.

Void: Increase the Void elemental charge by using Void weapons to kill enemies. Reach 30 stacks to get empowered by Void buff. This buff allows players to become invisible when they crouch. It also gives Truesight and enhanced ability regeneration.

You might want to use the buffs according to the situation, but that’s not possible. Each day features one element and players can get buffed for only that particular element on that day. So if the Solstice of Heroes features a Solar element for a day, then you can only achieve that buff. You can still grab other orbs to complete missions and upgrade your armor. Also, note that these buffs are not available in Competitive and Gambit Prime missions.

You should have got an answer to what is elemental charge in Destiny 2. But there is something that you should know. The elemental charge is just one way to increase damage, there is another and a more natural way to boost it. I am talking about upgrading weapons and armor. You can farm Solstice Key Fragments to unlock Solstice packages and upgrade your armor quickly. Another way to do this is to complete the shortest and quickest adventures in the game to upgrade easily and quickly.