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How To Get & Farm Solstice Key Fragments in Destiny 2

Here's how you can easily get & farm Solstice Key Fragments in Destiny 2

When it comes to action-packed games such as Destiny 2, upgrading armors and weapons to improve attacks and defense are the most important things. Solstice Key Fragments plays an important role in helping you emerge victorious in Destiny 2. These key fragments allow you to open Solstice packages. You will find various items in these packages that will help you upgrade Solstice of Heroes armor sets. Here’s your guide to easily collect and farm Solstice Key Fragments in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Collect and Farm Solstice Key Fragments

There are multiple ways to get Solstice Key Fragments. We will guide you through some of the best possible ways, starting with getting them from bounties.

How to Get Key Fragments from bounties

You can get Key Fragments from Eva Levante’s bounties. Just visit Eva Levante at the tower, get inside the tower and complete the daily and weekly tasks. You get awarded with bounties for completing these tasks. The reward in bounties depends on the task that you complete.

How to Get Key Fragments by completing EAZ runs

While on an EAZ runs, you have to kill as many mini-bosses as possible within 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes run, you have to face a boss. That’s when you get the Solstice package reward.

Now to collect the Key Fragments to open those Solstice packages, you will again have to go on a time-based hunt. This time it is a treasure hunt segment (not specifically because you will be given the locations) to find all the hidden chests. There is a total of 21 chests. However, you can only open chests equal to the number of mini-bosses you defeated in the run. You will require 15 Solstice Key Fragments to open up a package.

How to Get Key Fragments passively

You can passively earn Key Fragments by completing various missions, combats, events, Crucible matches, etc. You can also use the Solstice Key Magnet that increases the fragment drop rate for an hour.

How to Farm Solstice Key Fragments

While almost every activity in Destiny 2 gives you Key Fragments, the most number can be achieved by completing the Nightfall Farm run. Gather and form a fireteam that is capable of speed-running Nightfall Farm. Such as the team can complete the run within ten minutes. Each Nightfall Farm run will give you anywhere between 23 to 28 Key Fragments.

Another method to Farm Key Fragments is the AFK forge method. This is a time-consuming method but rewards with Key Fragments even if the task ends in failure. All players need to do is set power levels to as low as possible. Then they have to acquire their lowest gear and visit Black Armory Forge and matchmake.

These are some of the best possible ways to get and farm Solstice Key Fragments in Destiny 2. You can read other Destiny 2 guides to outclass your opponents in the game.