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How to Complete Bank Job Destiny 2 Witherhoard Catalyst Quest

Witherhoard Catalyst Vault Keys Acquired

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals adds a new quest with unique rewards. These quest allows you to earn brand new engrams, mods, exotic currencies and lot more. Destiny 2 the Bank Job is a new quest in the system that will give you Witherhoard grenade launcher. Here is a detailed guide on how to unlock Destiny 2 Bank Job quest, collect vault keys, and find Filthy Lucre to unlock Witherhoard grenade launcher. It is a long mission with too many items but does not worry this guide will help you to complete all the objectives one by one.

How to get Witherhoard Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2?


To play the Destiny 2 Bank Job quest you will need to unlock Witherhoard Grenade Launcher first. This is because it is the requirement of the quest, you will have to defeat combatants with Kinetic or Special Grenade launcher. One of the objectives of this quest is to collect 50 Vault keys. Killing the enemies with the grenade launcher increases the chances of key drops.

Witherhoard Grenade Launcher is a part of the season pass. You can receive it if you had purchased Destiny 2 Season pass. It will be available as a new grenade launcher when you open up your bundle. If you want this Witherhoard Grenade for free in Destiny 2 then reach Level 35. This will take a lot of time.

How to Start Destiny 2 Bank Job Witherhoard Quest?


Destiny 2 Banshee Bank Job Quest

At the Tower talk to Banshee-44, you can easily track the quest icon on the map. He is the gunsmith with a shop in the Tower region. Talking to this guy will unlock the Bank Job quest. Accept the job and you are good to go. Do not forget to load the Witherhoard grenade launcher before proceeding with the main objective of the quest.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Bank Job Quest?


The first step of Destiny 2 Bank Job Quest is to collect Fifty Vault Keys. The number is high but do not worry. You will need the grenade launcher to defeat enemies in a vault. The more enemies you kill the more keys drop. The challenge is to find a horde of enemies that can give you the maximum number of vault keys. Here are some tips on how to get fifty vault keys in Destiny 2.

How to get Fifty Vault Keys?

Go to Echo Mesa, IO, and play The Whisper Quest. The recommended Power level is +750. Continue with the objectives until you reach Anomaly Collapse. A limited-time event where you have to take down waves of enemies. Use Witherhoard grenade launcher and you can collect a good amount of Vault keys here.


You can do Escalation Protocols also in Destiny 2 to farm Vault keys. There are other events like Divine Well and even Contact Public Event. In both cases take down the combatants with the grenade launcher. Killing guardians will not give you keys. So focus on killing the type of enemies to increase your chances of drop rate.

How to get Filthy Lucre?

The second task is to get Filthy Lucre, this will complete the Destiny 2 Bank Job quest. To complete this you will need 300 Filthy Lucre. This is a big amount and you can earn around two per activity. Even lesser, so you can imagine how long this will be. Play Crucible, Gambit, and Nightfall. These three modes will help you to farm Filthy Lucre to complete Destiny 2 Bank Job Quest.

Catalyst Enhancement Alpha and Catalyst Enhancement Omega can boost your progress of farming Filthy Lucre in Destiny 2. You will need the Alpha at Rank 11 and Omega at Rank 22, but this requires paid season pass.

Along with finding 50 vault keys and 300 Filthy Lucre, you will need two hundred multi-kill and 100 Guardian kills. Both with the grenade launcher, after achieving all you will be able to complete Destiny 2 the Bank Job quest.