Demonfall: How To Drop Money Easily

Not sure how to drop your Money (Yen/Coins) in Roblox Demonfall? Here's how to do it.

If you’ve collected and farmed a lot of Money but want to drop some of it, this is how you should go about it. The process is super easy so here’s a quick guide on how to drop money in Demonfall.

How to Drop Money in Demonfall?

To drop Money (Yens/Coins) in Demon Fall, you have to find the coin icon placed at the bottom left of your screen. Click on it and you will see the small box of Amount open up. Click on that text and type in the amount you want to drop and press the Drop option. Instantly, you will see your dropped amount on the ground with the amount mentioned on top of it. The steps are same for PC and Mobile players so go ahead and drop those Yens/Coins.

how to drop money yens coins in demonfall

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Easy peasy right? Although this is a simple process, it could be a bit confusing for new players which is why we’ve created this quick guide. Speaking of money, you can get money fast by selling Trinkets. These treasures will appear anywhere in the world. There is also a Trinket Mountain location where you can get lots of them at a time.

Some items are of a higher quality which will get you a good amount of Yen. Whereas, many other Trinkets will give you small amounts of Money. When you have gathered a sizeable amount, you can head to the shop at Hayakawa Village to sell Trinkets. Visit the shop and interact with the Merchant. Select the option of “I want to sell all my trinkets” and then watch your Money increase by a lot.

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