How To Beat Pica In Grand Piece Online (Boss Guide)

The only way to get Pica's armor set in GPO is by defeating him in a battle.

Now players can obtain the Pica armor set in GPO, but for that, they’ll have to defeat him in a battle. This boss was introduced in the latest Update 8 and many players are already on the hunt to farm it. However, before you give it a try, you must know that this boss has 75,000 HP and is pretty difficult to beat. But don’t worry, it can be done, only if you use the right tips & techniques. And to help you with that below we have mentioned everything about how you can beat Pica Boss in Grand Piece Online easily.

How to Defeat Pica Boss in Roblox GPO

How to Beat Pica Boss in Roblox GPO tips tricks roblox grand piece online location rewards
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To defeat Pica Boss in Grand Piece Online (GPO), you’ll first have to go to the Rose Kingdom. This island is located on the Southeast side of the Desert Kingdom on the Second Sea. Also note, that Pica only spawns in the game, after you defeat 4 Donmingo family members. Once you’re done with that, you’ll get 15 minutes to get ready for the battle. After this rock-like body monster has arrived use the tips & tricks below to get done with the fight quickly.

  • Our first tip for you is to get beneath Pica’s body to avoid getting hit by his Punches. However, you can’t stay there for long, as he can use the Pounce attack to deal massive damage.
  • In the Pounce attack, the Boss jumps and tries to cause AOE. To counter this you can use the Tekkai move from the Rokushiki fighting style. The move strengthens your muscles allowing you to nullify damage.
  • Players should keep their distance and move during the battle when not under the boss. That’s because Pica also tends to throw 3 rocks when you’re in his range.
  • Another move that you have to be aware of is his Roar. In this move, this boss releases roars that disable some of your important moves such as Flight, Geppo, and other movement abilities. In this situation, you can only be cautious and quick to defend yourself.
  • As it goes without saying, to defeat Pica in GPO, you must equip Fruits & Weapons that deal good damage. While doing that, don’t forget about his defense mode, where he can block all the attacks for a quite while.

By following the above-mentioned tips & tricks, you’ll be able to beat this boss pretty easily. And once you’re done with that, there’s a chance that you might get one of his armor pieces. For your reference below we have all the Pica boss fight rewards and their drop rates.

Pica Boss Fight Rewards & Drop Rates

Here are all the Pica’s armor pieces you can get in Grand Piece Online.

  • Pica’s Helmet – This Epic Head item has a 5% drop rate during the fight.
  • Pica’s Armor – This Legendary Armor has a very low drop rate i.e. 1% during the fight.
  • Pica’s Grips – This Legendary Grip also has a very low drop rate i.e. 1% during the fight.

As you can see the drop rates are pretty low, so it seems you’ll have to farm this boss multiple times.

That covers everything about how you can defeat the Pica boss in Grand Piece Online (GPO) easily. If your race is not good enough for this battle, then check out how to change your race in the game. Also, take a look at the GPO Codes Wiki to get free rewards.