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How To Beat Hyperion In Returnal

The melody of your enemy's defeat will sound satisfying when you defeat Hyperion in Returnal.

The magnificent enemies of Returnal are a sight to watch. You cannot help but just be mesmerized for a moment and appreciate the beauty of it all. Unpredictable, random, and beautiful in the same sentence would make you realize how wild these boss fights would go down. When you enter the Echoing wastes biome, you will encounter the fourth boss of Returnal, Hyperion. Everything about it is musical. It proudly sits on its organ playing an enchanting melody. This hypnotic vibe does not end there. It will fight you playing the tunes of your demise taunting you. You need to survive and you need to defeat Hyperion quickly, so in this guide, we will help you kill it and beat the fourth boss of Returnal, Hyperion.

How To Beat Hyperion in Returnal (the Fourth Boss)


The fight with Hyperion in Returnal will take place in three phases and you will have to beat it in all three of them. Below we have mentioned Hyperion attacks and patterns and how the player can get through this fight and kill it.

Phase 1

During the first phase, Hyperion is stationary at its organ and does not move. So here, the closer you are to the boss the better are your chances to beat Hyperion fast. You can freely move around in the area without worrying about unpredictable movements by the boss.
The initial minute of the encounter will have a red circular beam along with the showers of orbs that will cover the entire area. The beam however will be pretty easy to spot as it initiates. Just dash over it. There will be an occasional red orb that will be in a mid-range attack but that will not be in big numbers and hence easy to dodge.


Beat Hyperion Returnal

The orbs have space between them to dash and land, however, there is a dual purple beam attack that will be hard to dodge. It will be projected at you in an uneven path and will be super quick. Then there are arrays of attacks coming from its organs which are pretty randomized.

Midway through the first phase, Hyperion will start generating attacks from its organ. The green lines will be in bunches focusing a smaller area in the long range whereas the red orbs will be in vertical lines.


Beat Hyperion Returnal

Phase 2

In the second phase, Hyperion will break free from its organ but still will be stationary in that small space. The red circular bands of ground attack from the previous phase will be in couples now. They will be with orange orbs that Hyperion will generate by smashing the ground. Now though these two attacks will be simultaneous, they will not originate from the same start point. So the trick here is to wait until both the outer lines of the circle cross each other and the dash towards the direction in which the red bands are generated from. This way, there are lesser chances to get hit by the attack as you can completely dodge the red band and land in the spaces between the orb attack.


Circle attack

There will be blue orbs that will project in a cross pattern. When this cross blu orb attack commences, they will take a second’s pause. This is when you will run as far away from Hyperion as possible. This is because the blue crosses start mid-air and if you are in close proximity to the boss, you may not be able to dash above them. The further they go, the lower they get to the ground which will be easier to dash upon. Take this time to attack Hyperion to kill it in this Returnal fight.

Attack 3

Phase 3

During phase three, make sure you are not in the center of the arena when the first phase is over as Hyperion will zoom in very quickly in the middle of the arena. If you are around it at that time, there are high chances that you will get hit by a bunch of orbs that he generates around him while moving to the center.

Phase 2 Attack

Blue orb swirl attack that will be in the third phase which will just rain down on you. Here you will basically just witness a shower of red blue orange and green orbs from Hyperion and its organ together. you need to keep an eye on the ariel attacks more than the ground attacks as the ariel attacks are more random while the ground ones are in patterns.

Phase 3 attack

Tips To Beat Hyperion

To beat Hyperion in Returnal, develop a strategy focusing on attacks. Target it by being in close range for the first phase. Eventually, in the second phase maintain distance to get some buffer time to read its pattern of attack. The ariel attacks and the attacks from its organ in the third phase are not trackable i.e will not follow the player around so they will be easy to dodge. Blue and orange orbs will always be in a pattern like a circle or a swirl. The green orbs will be random and will cover most of the environment. Focus on long-range weapons and preferably have an astronaut figurine with you during the fight to help you resurrect. Notice them and this way you will kill Hyperion in no time and defeat the fourth boss in Echoing wastes of Returnal.

Basic Cues for Player Defense

Hyperion will always charge his tentacles before an attack which is noticeable as light passes through them like a current. There will be a subtle attack that is going to sneakily take place on the ground. There will be thick vines that generate from behind the screen and will be unpredictable. This attack is easy to miss as all the other attacks are evident. This one will not have any glow to it and will be camouflaged with the ferns in the arena. Make sure you steer clear from these.

Vine attack

So that is all for our guide on how to defeat Hyperion in Returnal and kill it. If you would like to know how to defeat Phrike, Ixion, and Nemesis, then make sure you check those guides out too.