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How To Declare War In New World

Here is a guide on declaring War in New World.

New World is an MMORPG created by Amazon games. The game of New World is gorgeous with stunning graphics and amazing game mechanics. One such game mechanic is Territory War. Here I will explain how you can Declare War In New World.

How to declare War in New World


war in new world

War in New World is a PVP game mechanic. In New World, there are three Factions to choose from, being Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. Once you are a part of one of these Factions, you will see your Factions Territory. The territory is the land that your factions own. Within your Faction, you will either have to join a Company or make a Company. A Company is an organization made by players in New World. You cannot join nor create a Company in a Faction that is not affiliated to your Faction. This is the minimum requirement needed to declare a War in New World.

War is the method in which Companies fight to capture Territory from other Companies. To declare a War, the Territory that the Company is vying for must be in a state of Conflict. To bring the Territory to a state of Conflict, The Company must perform a certain amount of PVP missions on the Territory of another Company of not the same Faction. On doing those missions, You will increase your Influence on the Territory and decrease theirs. At a time, more than one company can perform these PVP missions and increase their Influence in that Territory. The most active Company in this Influence race will be selected as the Vanguard.


To become the Vanguard, your Company must have at least 10% Influence on that Territory. The Company with the Most Influence on that Territory will become the Vanguard. Once you have achieved this you will be able to declare War on that Territory.

Things to Keep in Mind

Different Companies from the other Factions will try to declare War on your Territory so make sure you stop their PVP missions. Restock your supply as you will need it to counterattack. If multiple Companies are trying to declare War them the Vanguard is chosen through a Lottery system. So make sure your Company is more active to increases the chances of becoming the Vanguard. The Wartime is chosen by the Defending team to prep up for the War.


This was all about declaring War in New World. Hopefully, this was able to aid you in your battles. You can also check out our guides on Leveling Up quickly and about Races, Classes, and Factions in New World