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How To Level Up Quickly & Level Exploits In New World?

Read this guide to learn the fastest ways you can level up and gain XP in New World.

If you play New World, you will find the need to level up in order to get better and progress to the highest levels in the game. This can be a pretty excruciating process for a lot of players of the game. If you are one of those who are finding leveling up tricky, we have got you covered in this guide. Here, we will walk you right through the entire process.

How To Level Up Quickly & Level Exploits In New World?

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Rest in Settlements

One of the many ways you can gain XP and eventually level up in New World is by resting. Yes, you read that right. There will be moments in the game where you need to slow down and rest in a settlement before you log off. By doing so, you will automatically earn XP in the form of the Rested XP status effect.

If you want to know if you have received the Rested XP status effect, you should check your XP bar. You will find this bar located towards the bottom of your screen. You will receive added XP right for any tasks you complete right until this bar fills up.

Finish Town Missions Quickly

This is probably one of the easiest ways to quickly earn XP while leveling up in New World. This is because there are several different town missions in the game. To make things better, these missions are easy to complete too. This means you can easily finish as many as possible, increasing your chances of leveling up.

If you wish to see the Town Missions in New World, you can check out the Town Project Board. By doing so, you will be able to see all the available Town Missions in the town you are currently in. You will be allowed to activate a maximum of 12 Town Missions at a time. We recommend you try completing the missions that will give you the highest rewards first.

Finish the Main Quests Quickly

If you are in the lower levels of New World, there are few methods of leveling up that are better than the main quests in the game. While this might be an exciting way to rapidly rise up in the game, you should also check out the recommended levels for each of the quests. Try to first take on the quests that are compatible with your level, as these will be easier to finish and will require fewer attempts.

That being said, these quests are great sources of XP when compared to other methods. To enhance your chances of leveling up, you should also try to wrap up the side quests that you will come across when you are on your way to the next main quest.

Bear Farming Exploit

One of the exploits in New World is Bear Farming. To do so, go to the Lodestone Lair located in Monarch’s Bluff. Here, you will see a cave that has an unlimited number of Lodestone Bears. Since these bears have a level of 25, we recommend you venture here with a bigger group. This will make farming them easy.

Boar Farming Exploit

Just like bears, you can also farm boars with the help of an exploit. You can find boars in the region of the Restless Shore. Once here, you will spot a point of interest known as Boarsholm. Boarsholm is located in the direction of the northern border and is quite close to it. Here, you will find that there is an unlimited spawn of boars. Once again, just like the bears, since these boars have a level of 40, we recommend you venture here with a big group. Farming these beasts in a group makes things much easier.

Additionally, we also recommend you try to match your level as close to the boars as possible. By doing so, you will reduce your chances of being killed by these animals.

Travel Efficiently

Traveling quickly and efficiently from one quest to another will help you level up even more quickly. By doing so, you will also be able to reduce the downtime and avoid wasting unnecessary time. You can instead use this time to complete quests and make some XP.

PvP Missions

Completing PvP missions will help you effectively enhance your weapon mastery really quickly. This is advantageous because you can also increase the level of your character by doing so. The weapon XP you receive is proportional to the period the opponent has been alive for before being killed.

Attack Enemies that are being attacked by other players

When playing New World, if you spot an enemy being attacked by another player, you should attempt to hit the said enemy with your weapon. By doing so, you and the other player will both receive a high amount of XP.

Increase your Standing in the Game’s Territories

Each territory in New World has its own recommended level. Accordingly, the amount of XP you receive will vary based on the difficulty. Let us check out the recommended levels of each of these territories below:

  • Level 5 : Firstlight, Windsward, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Level 25 : Cutlass Keys, Brightwood
  • Level 30 : Weaver’s Fen
  • Level 40 : Restless Shore, Great Cleave
  • Level 45 : Mourningdale
  • Level 50 : Edengrove, Ebonscale
  • Level 60 : Shattered Mountain, Reekwater

You should aim to get XP in territories, as this will also help you gain levels in the game.

Now that you know all of the ways you can level up in New World, check out the rewards you stand to receive by leveling up.

New World Level Up Rewards

  • Level 5: Second Weapon Slot
  • Level 10: First Bag Slot
  • Level 15: First House & Third Quick Slot
  • Level 20: Ring Slot
  • Level 25: Fourth Quick Slot
  • Level 30: Second Bag Slot & Third Weapon Slot
  • Level 35: Second House
  • Level 40: Earring Slot
  • Level 45: Third Bag Slot
  • Level 50: Invasions
  • Level 55: Third House
  • Level 60: Outpost Rush

During the process of leveling up your character, you will also be able to upgrade your Core Attributes. Additionally, you will also be able to unlock a few permanent rewards during certain level thresholds. If you wish to view these thresholds, all you need to do is press the K key. Doing so will show you the Character screen. From here, click on the Attributes button, and then head over to View Leveling Rewards.

Now, let us check out how you can level up your Trade Skills.

How to level up Trade Skills in New World?

Leveling up your Trade Skills is one of the important methods of progressing in New World. Each character in the game will have 17 Trade Skills. If you wish to, you can level these up individually. Let us check out how you can do so.

  • Armoring: To do so, you should craft armor at either an Outfitting Station or a Forge.
  • Arcana: You need to brew potions as well as craft items at an Arcane Repository.
  • Weaponsmithing: Create weapons at a Forge in the game.
  • Engineering: Create ranged ammo or weapons at a Workshop. You can also craft melee weapons at a Forge.
  • Cooking: Cook food items at either a Kitchen or a Campfire.
  • Smelting: Use a Smelter to refine items.
  • Weaving: Use a Loom to refine items.
  • Logging: Chop a few trees with a Logging Axe.
  • Fishing: Use a Fishing Pole to catch some fish.
  • Tracking & Skinning: Use a Skinning Knife to skin animals.
  • Leatherworking: Use the Tannery to refine items.
  • Arcana: Create items and brew potions at an Arcane Repository.
  • Mining: Use a Pickaxe to mine rocks.
  • Harvesting: Collect plants and herbs.

This brings us to the end of our complete guide on how to level up quickly in New World. As you can see, this is quite an important process that will help your progress in the game while also helping you get better.

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