Deathloop Delivery Booth Locations And Access Codes

Get resources using the Delivery Booths in Deathloop.

There are a few Delivery Booths that you will come across in Deathloop. Each of these will give you the chance to get Batteries, Crank Wheels, Nullifiers, and Turrets. These are some of the most valuable resources you can get in the game. However, there are certain tricks to unlock the Delivery Booths in the game. Luckily, the game provides clues for the same. So, scroll down and find out the locations of the Delivery Booths and how to unlock them.

How to unlock Deathloop Delivery Booth using access codes?

Deathloop Delivery Booth Locations And Access Codes

There are two methods to get the Delivery Booth codes in the game. To get the unlocking code for the Delivery Booth, all you have to do is head on over to Fia’s bunker. For this go to the transmission tower at the top of Fristad Rock.

Just cross her path on the way to the reactor room. On the upper level, you will manage to find a camera in the corner. Hack the camera or tune invisible to go past the camera without being detected. Now, just go over to the other side and you will find a repair room. Inside the room, someone will be repairing a Delivery Booth in Deathloop.

Just behind the person, you will see a whiteboard. This whiteboard will contain the code for the Delivery Booths. However, these codes are generated randomly from game to game. So, if you do get a code from another player, there are good enough chances that it won’t work with you in the game. This is the fastest way to get the access codes in the game.

The second method is to complete the Fristad Rock Bunker challenge. At the end of the Fristard Rock Bunker challenge, you will get access to a secret door inside the Fristad rock bunker. Over here you will learn more about Colt’s past and also get 2 Tribunal pistols. However, along with this, there are several rewards awaiting you. Most importantly you will get the access codes for the Delivery Booths in Deathloop. We prefer this method just for the sheer amount of information and resources you gain. All these will severely reduce the time you spend looking for stuff going ahead.

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How to use Access Codes?

All you have to do is go over to any of the Delivery Booths across the map in the game. Once you are here, just interact with the delivery booth. Now, enter in the code and you will get a list of available options. Just choose whichever resource you need at the moment. Although, it is a good idea to stock up on the items you get in the game as they are pretty hard to get later on in the game. These resources include Batteries, Crank Wheels, Nullifiers, and Turrets.

Deathloop Delivery Booth locations

There are 4 different Delivery Booths in the game. Each of them is at a distinct location in the game. These locations are as follows:

The Complex: You will be able to find it in the parking lot region that is close to the exit tunnels.
Updaam: Just go over to the region in front of the library across from the main square and you will find one booth there.
Karl’s Bay: You will find the Delivery Booth next to the Gardens of Perception that is to the west of the starting area.
Fristad Rock: Just go over to the Expand Your Mind trailer that is close to the start of the level.

This is everything you need to know about Delivery Booth Locations and Access Codes in Deathloop. Now that you are here, you can also have a look a How To Get And Use The Crank Wheel In Deathloop and How To Get The Heritage Gun In Deathloop.

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