How To Get And Use The Crank Wheel In Deathloop

In this guide you'll learn how you can get the Crank Wheel in Deathloop and what its uses are in-game.

Players of Deathloop will know that the game manages to present almost every situation as a puzzle to them and the Crank Wheel is no exception to this. Completing the Crank Wheel puzzle gives you the opportunity to land yourself an important in-game item. Here’s how you can find the Crank Wheel and what you can do with it.

How to Find the Crank Wheel in Deathloop and Use It

crank wheel deathloop

In order to get the Crank Wheel, you’ll need to get to the Laboratory Annex, located in the complex. Here’s how you get there.

  • After you’ve finished watching the movie at the Loop Control Center, head to the door behind the screen.
  • Head down through the stairway path and head out to the building you see in front of you.
  • Before you do so, make use of the Hackamajig to kill the sensors within the Loop Control Center.
  • In front of the building lies a camper-like setup called the Laboratory Annex.
  • It’s here that you’ll find the Crank-Wheel sitting on a work desk.
  • Once you’ve obtained it, you can choose to either head back to the Loop Control Center or to the location of the safe.
  • If you choose the former, you will pick up the Residuum Experiment sample which triggers a bunch of eternalists onto you.
  • Remember that the Residuum experiment has a time crunch so you’ll need to hurry and be swift.
  • Try to get past as many enemies as you can while ensuring the residuum sample tube doesn’t get damaged.
  • If you manage to successfully get it to the Laboratory Annex and place it inside the Residuum experiment chamber while following the instructions, you will land yourself a Shiny Trinket.
  • Furthermore, if you choose to open the safe with the Crank Wheel which lies outside the Loop Control Center, you’ll land yourself a powerful gun called the Fourpounder.
  • Remember, if this is your first loop reset in the area, you will lose possession of the gun.

That’s all there is to the Crank-Wheel in Deathloop. We hope this guide was of help to you. If you chose the Residuum Experiment and are in need of a powerful gun, here’s a guide that explains how to get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.