How To Get The Heritage Gun In Deathloop

In this guide you'll learn how to solve all the game box puzzles and get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.

The Heritage Gun is a highly sought-after weapon in the recently released action-adventure game Deathloop. You can earn this gun by solving an extremely demanding set of puzzles in Deathloop. Bear in mind that these are quite the task and will get you fuming while embarking on the quest to earn the Super Shifty. However, with challenging puzzles come really rewarding drops and the Super Shifty Heritage Gun is one of those really invigorating rewards to earn, once you’ve completed the brain crashing puzzle. Here’s how you can earn it.

How to Get the Heritage Gun and Solve Charlie’s Super Shifty Reward Scheme Puzzleheritage gun in deathloop

In order to get the Heritage Gun, you need to find a sundry of game boxes in the Super Shifty Quest. As you enter Karl’s Bay in the evening, a couple of Eternalists curiously fiddle around trying to open a peculiar box. This box detonates all of a sudden and kills both the eternalists. Playing over this scene you’ll then hear a recording with Charlie Montague’s voice describing a game of life that returns a reward scheme. This will make a notification appear which just happens to be the Super Shifty Quest. Your goal in order to complete the quest is to find and open 5 game boxes that are hidden in specific locations all over Karl’s Bay. Remember that these locations are random for all players. Furthermore, locating these boxes may involve Eternalists, hidden traps and other situations designed to compromise Colt. In order to access the locations, you’ll need to head to the Fathoms of Lament. It’s easy to find this creepy goth-vibed building located right at the center of Karl’s Bay. Be sure to wipe the area clean of mobs before entering the building. Inside you’ll find a big map easily recognized with blinking lights. On the left, you’ll find the heritage gun floating in a glass tube. You need to focus on the white blinkers as the blue lights are either opened or destroyed and don’t count anymore. Locate the white blinkers and head to the locations they’re at to get the game boxes. We reiterate once more that these locations are random and no 2 players can get a guarantee of the same box locations. Now while most of these boxes are just point and locate, there are 3 notoriously annoying boxes that frustrate players. All of them are mentioned below.

The Dawn of Reason Puzzle Game Box

This puzzle will present itself at the Dawn of Reason club, which you can enter by pulling with the lever outside the entrance. Here you’ll find a door that requires a four-digit password combination to unlock. The way you can decipher this 4 digit number code is by scouting the area for 4 unique symbols with red vertical demarcations in a bricked circle symbol. This symbol has an inner segment with 4 lines. The one marked in red represents the order. The outer bricked circle has one brick that’s stained in red which represents the direction. As these codes are unique to each player and are randomized, there’s no fixed correct answer code as such. However, we’ve listed down a few locations where we reckon the symbols are found.

  • There should be one symbol right next to the keypad to the left of the stairs.
  • Head to the second floor and check around the main bar for two halves of the symbol which when seen from an angle represent the full symbol.
  • Now scout around the smaller bar on the same floor and you’ll find a similar distribution of the symbol on the railing.
  • Look towards the right of the locked door which has 2 plant boxes. The symbol should appear here across both boxes.

Alleyway of Death Game Box

This is probably the most frustrating puzzle and you’ll need some intricate work done here to obtain the game box. The game box lies between 2 hangars and has a lot of explosives like laser and proximity mines around it. Traversing a path is really tricky and you can’t risk setting even a single one of the proximity mines since doing that could reflect a domino effect. The best way to deal with this and get to the box is to look for high ground. If you look closely, you’ll locate a big container that could provide good vision over the area and help you avoid explosives. Make your way through this and start at the top right of the docks. Remember, just stay clear of the mines and you’re good to go. heritage gun

Hangar 2 Puzzle Game Box

Once you arrive at the first hangar- break a skylight and head down to what will be the top floor. In the smallest room, you’ll find a route to take you to the 2nd Hangar. Here you’ll find a series of 6 levers across the area you need to pull in a specific order. However there are 2 catches to this- the levers have a 30-second timer which gets a 2-second waiver each time you pull a lever. Secondly, there’s poisonous gas lurking at the lower level which you can either avoid or lower with a lever located below one of the plane compartments. The best way to traverse a path here is to make use of the swift ability.

Fathoms of Lament- Getting the Heritage Gun

Once you open all 5 game boxes, head back to Fathoms of Lament. Here, you’ll have to complete a final task. Notice how the back door is now accessible. Open this door and destroy the slab as well which reveals a turret. You need to destroy this turret as it may cause your swift ability to be unusable. On the first floor, you’ll find a door at the back that you need to enter. The quest here is for you to pull 6 levers that require a specific order. You have a total of 30 seconds to pull all 6 of these levers- similar to Hangar 2. You have to stay sharp and keep tabs on which one is ticking in order to pull it. Once completed, you can head back down and in the glass container, you’ll find the heritage gun ready to equip.heritage gun deathloop

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Never shoot at boxes or try to disarm the mines and traps next to them. Any damaged boxes will not count in the quest.
  • Occasionally, the boxes will let out red smoke. This is a subtle warning to get as far away from it as possible because it’s going to explode and likely kill you.
  • Always assume all game boxes will explode. So as soon as you’ve opened one- move as far away as possible from it and then return once safe.
  • Alternatively, these game boxes may let out green smoke which returns an item reward.
  • If either of the two aforementioned situations causes you to repeat the cycle or die, simply just exit to the game’s main menu. The game lets you redo the quest just with the locations being random. This will save you time.
  • Your Swift ability is the most useful ability here. Use it as often as you can.

This is pretty much everything you need to know to get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop. If you’re enjoying the game, here’s a guide listing all the best weapons and trinkets in Deathloop.