Elden Ring Deathbed Smalls Soft Ban Fix

What is a soft ban Elden Ring and how to get unbanned? Here's all you need to know.

After the Infinite Falling Death Loop glitch, the hackers have found new ways to make other players’ gameplay suffer. Just like last time, hackers would join you for PvP but instead of ‘crashing’ your save file, now they just drop an armor piece. The armor is called ‘Deathbed Smalls’. Unsuspecting players would pick up this armor and within a few hours, your account will be banned by the devs. So today let’s look at how to fix and get back your account due to Deathbed Small Soft Ban in Elden Ring.

How to Fix Elden Ring Deathbed Smalls Soft Ban

elden ring soft ban

To fix Elden Ring Deathbed Smalls Soft Ban, you need to contact the Bandai Namco support team and delete the ‘savefile with the mod’ from your device. Also, the latest update from FromSoftware is unbanning players who have mistakenly picked up this item from other hackers in PvP. But if you have purchased this item from a third-party website, like the ones selling Runes & weapons, then you will have to delete the savefile and inform the Support team regarding the mistake to lift the 6-month soft ban.

Deathbed Smalls was part of Fia’s Deathbed Set Armor Set. This set also includes the Deathbed Dress (which is available in the game now). Unlike the Deathbed Dress, Deathbed Smalls was removed from the game for unknown reasons well before its official release date. But the asset file with model, texture, and rig is still included in the game files. Now the hackers & modders have managed to extract the file and use this leg armor. This is considered as modding your account in eyes of the devs, and if you had this item in your inventory at least once, then you will get a soft ban.

As per the support team, the current soft ban is for 6 months, and violating the terms by using this item for a second time will end in a permanent ban. Players who have received this item from hackers are furious about this decision. Many have taken it up to social media sites like Twitter and Reddit to share their concerns. But with the latest patch, FromSoftware is unbanning accounts now. If you are still facing issues connecting to the service due to the ban, don’t worry you can get in touch with the support team. One of our team members tested this out, and the support team was very understanding and removed the ban once we deleted the savefile from the device.

That’s all about how to fix and get back your account due to Deathbed Smalls Soft Ban in Elden Ring. While you are here, please make sure to check out our Elden Ring Guides for more tips & tricks.