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Death Stranding – Game Dedicated To Blue Collar’s Tangled In Connections

It not just about delivering parcels

Death Stranding introduces unique gameplay dedicated to making deliveries, in real-world a Blue Collar job of delivering packages. While talking to Gamespot during an exclusive scene-breakdown coverage Kojima shared some deeper secrets of what makes Death Stranding – Death Stranding. It was a highly anticipated game and many waited for the final release. When it was out a mix reaction exploded where reviewers rated it best but were not open enough to decide whether Death Stranding is outstanding or mediocre. We found Death Stranding Unique in its own Universe, a genre where the game as hardly any competition.

During the Gamespot video, Kojima shared mynute yet interesting details which are worth reading if you are a Kojima fan. One among them is why Death Stranding has a parcel delivery mechanism as a core component. Such a big universe, many cities, BT’s and yet Sam Porter Bridges is just assigned to deliver quintessential parcels to reconnect the world. With it, he has to protect the delivers from BT’s, Timefall rain and robbers.


Lead Artist Yoji Shinkawa shared at the beginning Death Stranding was designed heavily with Sci-Fi in mind, that can take away the reality where players will not adapt or connect. Considering a Blue-Collar approach it will help people to relate more. Kojima further added for weapons and equipment he picked Blue, Orange or Green colors of blue-collar people who will most probably carry them and not military coloring.

He excluded the idea of adding too many weapons, which according to him tweaked the balance in Death Stranding. This perfectly fits an idea where a person making the delivery will be using equipment to carry more weight, move faster, or have standard weapons not pro-military. But this underpowers Sam Porter in the game.

In the end, Kojima also added Death Stranding is about traveling and connecting the world by yourself, in between players will realize that they are not alone. There are other players also and it will add a sense of being connected. Although we cannot see them, but their contribution can help players to overcome obstacles.


BT’s and other humans cannot see each other, you can see them if your BB Pod is connected. What I wanted to say is that’s like life and death and maybe some people have passed in your life, like parents or your friends… and I wanted to express that they are not really far away, you just can’t see them. You’re connected to them as well. Well, I believe that you cannot cut life and death and I wanted to show that it’s all connected – Kojima