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Death Stranding Review – Unique in its own Universe

Something Different, but Tiring

Kojima pulled out a masterpiece but with missing elements. Death Stranding is unique in its own Universe, though sometime I feel the game pushes you lot as a gamer, but it does not fall off interest. As Sam Porter Bridges, inheritor to a renowned organization politically authoritative and a legendary delivery guy becomes a part of mission to reconnect the world. It is little hard to digest in broken America infested by supernatural phenomena, you mostly try to deliver parcels.

Intriguing story line and germane music maintains the balance well, with characters that pretend to be imperative. The game is all about making safe delivery, grabbing lost packages and delivers them to their necessary points. It is a unique genre where lot of patience is required till the game absorbs you. However it is not like a standard game mechanism, where you level up, fight stronger enemy, face boss, win rewards and enter to the next chapter. It is all about delivery.

To an extent Death Stranding stretches itself and the focus shifts from the core fresh gameplay mechanism which every gamer wish to see in a new title. Does it fall short or does it proves to be the best game of the year relies completely now on audience feedback.

Death Stranding is worth to try in terms of freshness and if you an action game lover then there is a spot reserved for you. I found Sam Porter limited in terms of his existence in the game. He hardly has an ally who can help him to fly out of danger zone to the delivery location. There is no concrete model to guide him where as a gamer I wish to overpower the supernatural beings for a while. Death Stranding looks a game that is stuck between a message and video game.

Do I Love It?

I need time, after playing hours of games like the Division, Control, Breakpoint, Borderlands, Rage 2, Days Gone, MK11, etc Death Stranding was a refreshing summer break for me. It somehow tries to force you to stay in, Sam porter still a delivery person with DOOMs (some special ability) settling in the environment takes time. Later after a few hours of carrying weight, falling on the ground, cutscenes, dreaming of red lady, eating bugs, Death Stranding goes more logical.

Death Stranding Likes system does not do any magic, I thought at first this could be a socially motivating but getting likes from other players for doing things does not affect me much. Kojima tried adding a simulation of social media inside a video game.

It is all about saving the world by reconnecting it, or else there will be a crater. Don’t these sound like a metaphor? Death Stranding also has a strong multiplayer presence, where players can help each other in completing common tasks like making bridges, roads, structures, etc. In short, we all are building the world around us, but cannot see them doing it. It’s like the hidden contribution done by players to make things right.

Will I play Death Stranding?

Why not, the game is worth to give a chance. It is tough and it is also wrong to expect a lot from Kojima, it is an attempt to do something different. Games, as we see, are the best which are filled with action and challenges. Let’s take an example of Control, a game where supernatural beings infest a building, there are puzzles, lots of shooting and boss fights and supernatural powers you can use against enemies.
Death Stranding on the other side keeps Sam limited to his physical abilities, which I see as an under-powered protagonist. This adds more to the extensive gameplay stretching the activities to hours. I believe there has to be more than just making deliveries.

As per my about 2 days of Death Stranding gameplay I will recommend this game if you are ready to figure out how to safely transfer packages in a world of ghosts and robbers. Hours are consumed by traveling, there are vehicles but they can break. You cannot outrun BT’s they can grab and pull you by the bike. There are bigger bosses which appear later.

I have a mixed review for Death Stranding, my expectation were high and to a point I found myself walking on the vast wilderness wondering what I am doing with my life. Because Death Stranding does not has a conclusion. Either this game is too bright to figure out or to extensive to complete.

In terms of graphics, it is outstanding, in terms of music is excellent, and in terms of playing experience, it requires patience. I found Death Stranding a game ideal for spending a few hours every day. It is a game that can play for months without getting bored, not something like you would like to finish in a day or two.

Gamer’s Insight:

We pulled out few of our friends to try out Death Stranding and here what they think about the game.

Pav6: A causal gamer who plays every weekend  & emotionally attached to games.

For me it was a little tough to figure out all the things in Death Stranding, Delivery Menu is cluttered with many things. At the end of delivery, likes are rewarded and as a player, I can like other players’ structures or signs. Death Stranding a very interesting plot when I saw its preview long back I had a lot of expectations for the game. But still I will add this game to my library, a slow-paced game with an interesting plot is what I think will fit my decision.

Captaincouch: Captain of the couch, born to play games and a ardent writer.

The music is lit, the beginning is amazing and I am enjoying this game. Death Stranding is different, its a game for people who want to relax and get immersed in a live movie. Anyone can play Death Stranding, it is practically not built for pros. A game with hidden secrets of life, I think Kojima wants us to teach how to work together. Thumbs up for Death Stranding.


Overall Death Stranding is once in a lifetime kind of game, so it is worth to give a try. If you remember Detroit Become Human a game that focuses on narrative-based gameplay were only making choices matters. It was like being a part of a live movie, a tiff between humans and machines. A once in a lifetime unique game that you will remember for years.

Death Stranding is something like that, you will not love it, and neither can you hate it, but it is interesting enough to pull you to the ending. It tries to pour more in terms of unique gameplay, however, it can be amazing if there were certainties of more combat, smoother constructions, if extensive traveling can be compressed and allow players to pick standard objectives that can unlock boss fights and rewards.


Unique & Tiring

Death Stranding is something like that, you will not love it, and neither can you hate it, but it is interesting enough to pull you to the ending.

  • Graphics 8
  • Music 10
  • Concept 9
  • Gameplay 7