It Is A Whole New Thing – Voice Actor On Death Stranding

What's more is hidden?

Everyone wants to know more about Death Stranding, the more info we have still looked it misses the core aspect of gameplay, the plot and what really Death Stranding is all about? The game is releasing on November 8 this year and we brought you a tiny little update directly from the voice actor Troy Baker from Death Stranding.

Norman Reedus who plays the lead character shared something about Death Stranding on Instagram, on a comment by a user whether its a game or movie, Troy Baker replied: “This is a whole NEW thing”. Well, this sounds pretty interesting what Death Stranding and it looks we will get a lot of such tiny yet exciting updates about the game.

Another big update will be directly coming from Hideo Kojima who announced his visit to Comi-con this July.  There are max chances he will be questioned regarding a different aspect of the game and we can hear more. The game is a visual masterpiece were through the gameplay video we had seen the massive interesting world of Death Stranding where the lead character is trying to survive the fight between life and death.

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Source: Reddit

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