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Death Stranding Is A Visual Masterpiece, Check Out The Detailed Explanation

It is no secret that Death Stranding is one of the most mysterious game to be announced recently and even though we have a trailer and a release date we are not sure what the game is truly about, there have been certain rumors floating about and we had one explanation about the game which you can read here.

But what we know for certain that the game is a masterpiece from a visual point of view, as 3D Character Artist Xavier posted on twitter thread the little intricacies that have been paid attention to.

Check out the entire thread where Xavier gives a little insight as to what the developers and designers had to endure and go through to craft such a brilliant masterpiece.

From a blade of grass to a subtle touch of the nose which makes it twitch, the attention given to the game is absolutely mesmerizing and knowing how much effort it takes to bring the slightest of the changes to the effect to be noticed.

We are still in the dark as to how the game will work exactly but we can be certain of the visual impact that it will imprint on the gaming community and hopefully push other developers as well to bring their A game to the table.

With everything surrounding Death Stranding, we hope to see more videos in the coming weeks, but since Sony will not be attending this year’s E3 we are skeptical about getting more about this game at E3.

It remains to be seen what more will we be able to uncover leading up to the release of the game, we will keep updating as and when we have more information.