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Death Stranding – The Fight Between Life And Death

Hideo Kojima's New World Is Insane and Mysterious

Death Stranding is a mysterious game, recent trailers and gameplay demo videos are still so dense enough to hide the actual story or the hidden messages planted by legendary Hideo Kojima. So we bring a short interpretation of what Death Stranding could be made up of, is it a just a stealth-based survival game or is it more about a battle between life and death.

There is one thing clear enough that Death Stranding takes places in the world covered with cables, and something happened had messed up the reality giving birth to complete annihilation. A few left humans whose consciousness is not corrupted are trying to find a way to connect every human to rebuild a new world. This sounds very complex, yet it is an intriguing concept completely new for everyone.

The baby in the game resemble life and Mads Mikkelsen is shown as the main antagonist who can control dead soldiers. On watching closely there is one common thing and that is a connecting string in the form of cables or a black element, it connects the host with the follower.

In the first trailer Mads Mikkelsen brings in a group of dead soldiers and command them, he looks covered in a black liquid with a broken baby toy floating around his legs. Del Toro at the same time holds a baby who is in some sleep mode and after connecting the string it awakes. The baby act as some kind of mystic consciousness that allows humans to peep into the world of death.

According to the basic plot, Death Stranding is a mysterious event that causes an explosion and rocked the earth triggering supernatural events. There are spectral creatures everywhere and the planet is on the verge of extinction. Sam the lead character played by Norman Reedus carries the baby and crosses the ravaged wasteland to save the planet from annihilation.

In Death Stranding you will never die, after getting attacked player will be transferred into an alternate reality and they have to find their way back into the world. In the trailer a quote – “Together you can help us reconnect” points towards the phenomena that had disconnected humans from each other. And the Baby (Bridge Baby) might be the answer. Connections in Death Stranding is a key aspect that defines the type of characters and enemies you will face in the game.

Connecting with the BB allows Sam to sense the creatures from another world if he is caught he will be pulled inside the dark world, and the player will have to find a way back. This is where you never die, an endless cycle of getting in and out to complete the mission makes Death Stranding quiet a terrifying game.

Death Stranding is releasing on November 8, 2019 exclusively on PS4.