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Days Gone PC Vs PS4: Changes And Differences

What are the changes and improvements made in Days Gone PC compared to PS4 version? Read on to know.

Days Gone is coming to PC and a whole new section of gamers can enjoy this survival horror game. This used to be a PlayStation exclusive but like Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony decided to widen its horizons as well. If you are planning to get the PC version and want to know the differences from the PlayStation version, we’ve listed them all here in our Days Gone PC vs PS4 comparison.


Days Gone PC vs PS4 Differences

Days Gone PC Vs PS4 differences

These are the important changes and differences in Days Gone PC vs PS4.

  • Customization Options
  • High-Res Photo Mode
  • 4K Graphics
  • PC Mods
  • Unlocked framerate for PC
  • 21:9 Ultrawide Monitor support

Customization Options and Settings

PC players will be able to make the most of their GPUs and customize the settings of the game in terms of display. Based on the system you have, you will be able to adjust the settings accordingly.


High-Res Photo Mode

The Days Gone PC version gets a super-resolution photo mode. This will multiply the current resolution you are playing at and give a screenshot that’s much higher. This is perfect for those who have slightly lower-end PCs but don’t want to sacrifice the resolution for their photos. So, if you are playing at 1080p or with some lower graphics settings, you can still get a high resolution photo and post them online.

4K Graphics

PC players can take in the stunning graphics of the game in 4K which PS4 players couldn’t. The spectacular graphics give you a much better view of the hordes of Freakers coming closer every second. Of course, it’s much better used to enjoy the surroundings when you aren’t being chased by creepy enemies.


PC Mods

The PC Modding community is a thriving one. They have added modifications ranging from much-needed ones to simply horrific (we’re looking at Lady Dimitrescu with Thomas the Tank Engine’s face). Not just Resident Evil Village, modders have enhanced the gameplay and visuals of GTA 5 and more games. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for Days Gone PC Mods.

Unlocked framerate for Days Gone PC vs PS4

Your gameplay will be smooth as heck on PC compared to PS4 which gave you 30FPS. The framerate will be dependent on your setup which is going to make your experience way more awesome.


21:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support

If you have an ultrawide monitor, you are in for a treat. Days Gone PC makes the experience even more terrifying as you can see the whole screen being filled with incoming hordes.

These are all the most important changes that players can expect in the PC version of the game. Now, in case you end up seeing a black screen bug, this is what you need to know to fix it.