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Days Gone PC: Black Screen Bug (Fix)

Here's how to fix the Black Screen in Days Gone PC.

Days Gone, a long-awaited action-adventure zombie survival horror video game by Bend Studio, has finally been launched for PC. However, according to reports, a large number of gamers are suffering the Black Screen Bug during the game’s start or playtime. If you’re in the same boat, don’t panic; these Days Gone concerns aren’t difficult to resolve. Here’s how to fix the Black Screen in Days Gone PC.

How to Fix the Black Screen Bug in Days Gone?


Fix the Black Screen Bug in Days Gone

To fix the Black Screen Bug in Days Gone, you need to reload your game from the current checkpoint or restart the game to resolve this. You might also consider updating your drivers to the latest version or verify your steam game files for errors. However, you may still experience the problem after upgrading your drivers.

There is no permanent solution for the irritating black screen problem as of this writing. There are, nevertheless, several methods to get around the problem. Let’s hope, the developers would provide a patch as soon as possible to address the issue. The actual origin of the black screen glitch is unknown, although it appears to be a graphics card issue because it only affects the game’s primary visuals and not the 2D icons or text.


The blackness begins in the center of the screen and extends outward until it fills the entire screen. This is clearly quite unpleasant because it renders the game unusable. There are, however, various workarounds. If your PC is getting the black screen bug frequently while playing Days Gone, make sure your system meets the game’s recommended system requirements.

Disable Steam and GeForce Experience Overlay if your machine’s hardware is capable of running the game but is still getting the black screen. If these features are enabled, you need to disable them because they waste a lot of resources on your computer.

Black Screen Days Gone Solve


Open Steam and go to Library, then right-click Days Gone and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Uncheck the Enable Steam Overlay while an in-game box in the General section. Reopen Days Gone to see whether the Black screen bug is still happening. After that, launch GeForce Experience. From the upper right, click on the gear symbol. Toggle the In-Game Overlay button off in the General area to disable the functionality. Reopen Days Gone to see whether the crashes are still happening.

Corrupted game files are another reason why your Days Gone goes black at the start or during the game. The most common causes of game file corruption are during the game’s installation or when the application is forcibly closed. Go to the Library in Steam. Locate Days Gone on the left side and right-click, then select Properties. Click the Verify integrity of game files button in the Local Files section. Relaunch the game when the verification procedure is done.

Running a game in fullscreen uses a lot of processing power, which might cause the game to become unresponsive. To help your computer comprehend everything, try running Days Gone in windowed mode. Go to the Library in Steam. Select Properties from the right-click menu for Days Gone. Click the Set Launch Options option in the General section. Copy the following codes into the text field “-windowed -noborder” Restart the game by pressing OK.


Some of the apps installed on your computer may be operating in the background without your knowledge. These background programs use a lot of resources as well. Closing these undesirable background apps will reduce your CPU’s processing time, avoiding black screen in Days Gone.

That’s everything you need to about how to fix the Black Screen in Days Gone PC. While you here, make sure to check out our Days Gone Wiki to excel in the game.