Where To Find A Daphophet Pod In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Check out this guide to know where to find some Dapophet Pods for quick heals in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

Dapophet Pods in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora help restore players’ health when consumed. Along with the Med Kits available, these fruits are one of the best sources to replenish your health pack supply during combat. Considering that you will be doing a lot more exploration while completing the main story missions, knowing where exactly to find these fruits will help you a great deal going forward in the campaign.

Since players, even as a Na’vi, will be quite strange to Pandora’s Western Frontier in itself, you may find harvesting Dapophets a bit hard without proper guidance. However, players are tasked with foraging the fruits in the very first mission of their campaign.

So if you are looking for health replenishing plants and want to harvest them for some quick heals in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, then here is where you can look for them in the lush landscapes of the Western Frontier.

Where to Find Dapophets in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Where To Find Daphophet Pods In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora
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You will generally come across Dapophet Pods around water bodies in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. During the very first mission called Pandora, players will escape the TAP facility with the help of a Na’vi Warrior called So’lek.

After exiting the facility and having crafted arrows for combat, players will need to aid an injured So’lek using the Dapophet Pods in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. It is here that they will learn about the fruits and that they are usually found around water bodies.

Players can use their Na’vi senses whenever they are close to any water bodies like lakes, streams, etc to find Dapophets. Unlike other resources and materials that require you to harvest them properly without any damage, these pods can forage almost instantaneously.

This makes foraging the Dapophet Pods in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora relatively easier and a quick grab. Since these are excellent sources of healing, we would suggest that you forage them whenever necessary and before taking down RDA facilities.

You can further make use of the Hunter’s Guide to help you locate the Dapophets quickly and without any hassle in the game. Using the Dapophet Pods, you will be able to quickly heal during critical conditions while in combat.

Players can further upgrade the number of Dapophet Pods that they can carry by investing in the Survivor Skill Tree in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

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