How To Hunt Creatures In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora (Hunting Guide)

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora offers players a unique opportunity to interact with interesting and ferocious creatures native to Pandora. While you will connect with some of the creatures and learn more about them, hunting for other wildlife in the ecosystem is also necessary to gather different resources and materials. Although, many may find things intimidating at first when they encounter the different types of wildlife in Pandora’s ecosystem.

With that being said hunting in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is extremely important to gather resources used for crafting and cooking. And getting higher quality materials while on the hunt can be quite difficult if you don’t know your way around.

So if you are trying to hunt down creatures and want to yield better resources every time, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Hunt in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

How To Hunt In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Players can hunt down creatures using their Na’vi senses in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. To use your Na’vi senses, you will have to press the X key on your keyboard and the RB button on the controller. Once you use them, you will be able to see all the scent trails left behind by the creature you want to hunt.

Players can then simply follow them and use their senses accordingly when required in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

On the other hand, players can start with the Hunter’s Guide to locate the grounds where the beasts you want to hunt would be. After which travel through the lands and reach the location in the game. Using the Hunter’s Guide it becomes easier to know the breeding grounds and players can simply use their Na’vi Senses at the right location.

You will most likely come across the beasts once you follow the scent trails. It is worth mentioning that creatures who are ferocious and wild because of their nature or due to pollution caused by the RDA, the scent trails would be highlighted in red.

Hunting In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Once you come across the creature, if you want to yield better quality resources from the quarry then you will have to kill it with the least amount of shots. Again the Hunter’s Guide can help you learn the weak spots of the creatures making it easier to hunt them down in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

To get better resources from the creature, it’s best to kill it by exploiting its weakness or by taking it down in a single shot. While hunting the creature with its weakness will help you gain a Merciful Kill which in turn will yield higher quality materials, killing the quarry in one shot will grant you Clean Kill.

While players will be able to use any weapon of their choice, it’s best to use only Na’vi weapons while hunting in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. This is to make sure that you don’t ruin any of the resources with the RDA weapons in the game. Not to mention, it will help you get Clean and Merciful kills for higher quality resources much more easily. You will get your hands on one of the Na’vi long bows while carrying out Eywa’s Blessing quest.

It is worth mentioning that the Na’vi are against any senseless killings of the beasts in the ecosystem of Pandora. Players will have to avoid going on a rampage and instead kill the creatures whenever it’s required. If you do go on a senseless killing rampage, you will gain the Disharmony condition which will stop you from using your Na’vi senses.

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