Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Location – Where To Find Them

Here is the location of Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact and how to get them.

Genshin Impact has a lot of items that you need to collect for boosts. Dandelion Seeds are one of them and they are a local specialty item that you must harvest. If you want to know how to find and get Dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact, this guide will give you the exact location for it. Also learn the uses of this item and what boosts you can get from it.

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Location

The use of Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact is primarily to utilize them in crafting as well as for character ascension. Knowing exactly where to find these seeds is essential so that you save time and head in the right direction. Since they are not easy to find, this guide will help you out.


To obtain Dandelion seeds, you need to find Dandelion plants first. They will be glowing in a blue color so they are easy to spot in the wild (as shown in the image above).

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Once you see them, choose a Wind Elemental character and then use the Wind Elemental on them.

With the power of the wind, you will get the seeds from the Dandelion. Just like you have to do something unique to mine in this game, this is also a special way to obtain the seeds. Using a weapon, tool or any other ability will not have an effect in this case.

Where to Find Dandelion Seeds


You will get Dandelion Plants in the Moonstadt region mainly. Apart from this, you can find it in the wild so you have to explore a lot.

How to Use Them

These seeds are an ingredient to craft Gushing Essential Oil which needs Lizard Tail and this specific seed. This oil will give a benefit where it boosts the entire party’s damage by 35% for 300 seconds.

Not just this, you can use it in the Windbarrier Potion consisting of Crystal Core and Dandelion Seed which will increase the RES to 35% (300 seconds) of all members.

As these seeds are crucial in Alchemy and character ascension of Jean, you need to get your hands on them with this method.

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