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How To Get Damascus Steel In Nier Replicant Easily?

Steal this opportunity to find out where to get Damascus Steel in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant will never be out of important rare resources. There are a number of items that you might encounter in the game which will be the key to progressing in the game. Damascus Steel is one of them. Damascus steel may just look like an ordinary resource initially but this rare item is responsible for upgrading the Fool’s Lament. If you do not know about this weapon, it has a 999 damage at level 4. Now that you know how important this metal is, you will need a fast way to find it. So here is our guide on how to find the Damascus Steel location in Nier Replicant and how to farm it fast.

How to Get Damascus Steel In Nier Replicant?


Junk Heap Locationj in Nier Replicant
You will get Damascus Steel in Nier Replicant by scouting the Junk Heap Location and breaking the crates on the B2 level of the dungeon. The drop is random so we suggest you break all the crates out here. In this process, you will also find other valuable materials that you can collect.

How to farm this rare item?

If by any chance you do not get the Damascus Steel to drop in the first go, do not get your hopes down. Junk Heap is one of those locations that will respawn enemies and loot crates for you every time you enter the location. If you have broken all the crates and do not find Damascus Steel, then simply exit the location. When you reenter the location, you will get brand new respawns for enemies and the loot crates. This is also a good trick to farm the Damascus Steel if you want it in quantities.


So that is all for our guide on how to find the location of Damascus Steel in Nier Replicant. If you are stuck with finding Machine Oil in the game, check out our guide on How To Get Machine Oil In Nier Replicant?