Should You Side With Netwatch Or Voodoo Boys In Cyberpunk 2077?

Whose side should you take NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in CP2077 I Walk The Line mission.

During one of the missions named “I Walk The Line” in Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to make a choice between whose side to choose NetWatch or Voodoo Boys. A NetWatch agent has got two members of the Voodoo Boys gang in control and Placide wants you to rescue them. After making your way through a mall, you will meet the NetWatch agent who will tell you that Placide, Voodoo Boys’ second-in-command is planning to kill you. He will also acknowledge that he will release Brigitte and Ti free if you let him walk with the data. Now, you will have the choice to side NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in this mission. Here’s the right choice for who should you side NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in Cyberpunk 2077.

CP2077 Should You Side NetWatch or Voodoo Boys?

The best choice to make according to us is to side NetWatch and not Voodoo Boys during the “I Walk The Line” mission in Cyberpunk 2077. However, your choice might differ. Hence, here are the consequences for both the choice. Understand the consequences and make the decision accordingly.

Taking NetWatch Side Choice Consequences

If you select this option, the NetWatch agent will remain true to his word. He will set both Brigitte and Ti free, and leave with the data. You too will be able to leave peacefully from the mall. However, the major consequence of this choice is during the coming mission called Transmission, which is a part of the Tapeworm quest. Since we don’t want to get into any spoilers, we will only give a brief consequence.

During the Transmission quest, when you wake up, a bunch of Voodoo Boys members will be lying dead. A few others will be surrounding you along with Placide in his boss form. Now, either you will have to sneak your way through all of them or fight and defeat them to proceed further.

side with netwatch or voodoo boys in i wlak the line quest in cp2077

Taking Voodoo Boys Side Choice Consequences

If you choose to side with Voodoo Boys, Placide will use the virus he snuggled into you to burn all the NetWatch agents. He won’t hesitate to burn you during the process. But, you won’t die here. You along with both Voodoo Boys members will be able to head out from the mall.

During the Transmission quest, you won’t have to fight against the Voodoo Boys as they won’t have any grudge against you.

We said that taking the NetWatch side is a better option because we thought saving the backstabbers is not at all a great idea. However, if you are not ready to take on the Voodoo Boys and Placide yet, you can opt to go the other way around.

That’s the consequences for both taking NetWatch and Voodoo Boys side choices in Cyberpunk 2077 during the “I Walk The Line” mission. Apart from this, just like a true RPG, you will have to make many more choices in the game. You should certainly consider taking help for these choices as they can have a significant impact on the main story. To begin with, you can read our choice consequences guide for Denny or Henry, should you pay the debt to Viktor, and Pickup mission choices.