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Cyberpunk 2077 Choose Denny Or Henry Second Conflict Choice Guide

Should you choose Denny or Henry in CP2077.

During the second conflict side job in Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to make a choice between Denny or Henry. The thing is that Johnny wants the Samurai to be back together for the Second Conflict gig. However, Denny and Henry are not willing to work together anymore due to some differences. Hence, you will have a choice of picking one of them. Just so that you don’t make a mistake picking the correct option, we are here to help. In this guide, we will discuss the consequences of Denny or Henry choice in Cyberpunk 2077 for the Second Conflict side job.

Should You Choose Denny or Henry in Second Conflict Side Quest in CP2077?


The straightforward answer is that you can choose either Henry or Denny in CP2077 as it does not matter much. There are no major consequences of this choice in the story. Hence, it is completely up to you. So all you need to do is interact with both of them and then choose the one you want to have alongside in the Second Conflict side mission in Cyberpunk 2077. However, here are the consequences of each choice.

denny or henry choice in cp2077

CP2077 Choosing Denny Choice Consequences


If you pick Denny for the Second Conflict side gig, she will be the third member of your team. You will take her along in the mission. On the other hand, Henry will be pissed off and he will leave the scene in a rush.

CP2077 Choosing Henry Choice Consequences

If you select Henry to be the third member of your team, Denny will leave the scene. Kenry will then offer Henry a ride home.


So basically you can select anyone. In fact, Johnny Silverhand will also say so. He will not give much input in the decision and just say that both have their own advantages and flaws.

One thing worth noting here is that there will be a rare item: gold plated baseball bat in the pool. Hence, ensure collecting this rare item before leaving the place so that you can later sell it for a decent amount of money. Selling rare items is one of the best ways to quickly farm money in CP2077.

So now you know the best choice for Denny or Henry in the Second Conflict side gig in 2077 and the consequences for the same. There are several more choices that you will have to make in the game. Ensure reading our Don’t Lose Your Mind Delamain quest, Pickup mission, and betray Dex or Evelyn choice consequences guide to always select the right answer as your choices can influence the main story of the game.