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Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Mission Choices – Stout, Dum Dum, Royce

Easily complete the Cyberpunk 2077 Pickup mission.

The Pickup mission is one of the first missions that you will encounter in Cyberpunk 2077. You will get it along with another mission called the Information by Dexter DeShawn. The Pickup is one of the most challenging side quests in the game and asks you to meet the Maelstorm gang and get a Militech robot, either through buying or stealing. There are three choices that you need to make in the Pickup mission: Call or leave Meredith Stout (Optional), tell Jackie to relax or not, and finally pay or shoot Royce. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Pickup mission choices and consequences guide, we will discuss all the choices and the best options to pick for Stout, Dum Dum, and Royce choices.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pickup Choices – Stout, Dum Dum, Royce


We will be going through the choices and consequences for each of the three scenarios.

Should You Take Chip From the Militech Agent Meredith Stout or Not?

This is the first and an optional objective in the Pickup mission. We would recommend attempting this objective and collect the chip from Meredith. Since she is a Militech Agent, she will know at what point you are lying. Hence, the first choice between “All by my lonesome” or “Got backup” will have no major consequences.


However, the next choice of taking the chip from her or not does have a significant impact on the gameplay. For this choice, we would say that go ahead and take the chip from Meredith Stout. Taking the chip will unlock various other choices and gig opportunities later on in the game. If you take the chip and then choose all the right options, there’s also a chance of completing the mission with all the money and the chip to yourself.

meet militech agent in the pickup mission

Once you have taken the chip, there’s another choice awaiting you. Now, you can either hack the chip or leave it. This is also a choice with significant consequences. We will get to each of the consequences shortly in this guide. But for now, if you hack the chip by playing a mini-game, you will find out that it’s corrupted with a malware virus. You will also have the option to clean the malware when you find it.


hack militech chip in pickup mission choices in cyberpunk 2077

Should You Tell Jackie to Sit or Not During the Dum Dum choices?

Once you take the chip and proceed in the mission, go and communicate with Jackie. Now, head to the quest marker that will lead you to a meat-packing plant termed “All Foods“. Enter the “All Foods” packing plant through the intercom and meet an NPC named Dum Dum.


Dum Dum will ask Jackie to sit down, but he will refuse. This will make him aggressive and he will soon get on the nerves of Jackie. Now, here you will again have to make a choice that has a powerful consequence depending on the choice you make. The choice will be to either ask Jackie to sit down or let them get into a fight.

  • Ask Jackie to sit choice consequences

If you select the option to ask Jackie to sit down, he will become calm and let you do the talking. You will then start interacting with Dum Dum who will later bring out the Militech bot that you need to complete the Pickup mission. Dum Dum will then offer some drugs to puff. You can either accept or deny taking drugs. It’s completely your choice as there are no major consequences for this choice.

As your conversation proceeds and you will be telling Dum Dum that Brick has already been paid for the bot, Royce will enter the scene. Royce will ask you to pay again for the bot. This will bring you to another choice of whether to shoot Royce or pay him. We will be discussing these choices later in this guide.

pickup mission choices cyberpunk 2077

  • Let Dum Dum and Jackie fight choice consequences

If you don’t ask Jackie to sit, the conversation between him and Dum Dum will turn into a big fight. A combat situation will arise and the members of the Maelstorm gang will start attacking you. You will have to take down each and every member of the gang you find here before heading to look for the bot on your own. The bot is located in the room to the left.

Locating the bot yourself is not the only negative part of this choice, there’s one more. Once you clear all the members and are about to leave with the bot, Royce will interrupt. He will be in his boss form and you will have to take him down before leaving the plant with the Militech bot.

Cyberpunk 2077 Should You Shoot or Pay Royce?

If you ask Jackie to sit and not quarrel with Jackie, Royce will enter the conversation at some point. He will ask you to pay him again for the bot or else face the consequences. Now, as you would have guessed, there are two choices, either to takedown Royce or pay him. Here are the consequences of both choices.

  • Takedown Royce choice consequences

If you choose to takedown Royce, you can either show your physical strength or simply take out a gun and pull the trigger. You will need to have a solid brawler build or in other words the Body attribute to take down Royce solely with physical strength. Hence, we would recommend you to go for this option only if you have the strength.

On the other hand, if you choose to shoot Royce, members of the Maelstorm gang will start attacking you. However, if you are successful in defeating all the gang members, you will get several rewards. The first reward is of course the bot, the second major reward will be the iconic weapon that Royce will drop, and lastly, you will have the option to keep the Militech chip that Meredith gave you.

Once you leave the plant with the bot and hand it over to Meredith, she will congratulate you. She will also mention the future gigs that you will get from her corporation. This will complete the Pickup mission.

cyberpunk 2077 pickup mission choice consequences

  • Pay Royce choice consequences

If you want to take things slow and don’t want to kill Royce, you will either have to pay him with your own money or with the Militech chip. Paying with your own money doesn’t make sense here as you would not want to lose your money for some others’ benefits. Hence, it is recommended to keep this option off the table. Now, the only option left with you here is to pay Royce with the chip. If you remember, you had a choice to either hack the chip and clean the malware or leave it as it is. This is the time when the consequences of that choice come into the picture.

  1. Pay with hacked Militech chip choice consequences

If you would have hacked the chip and cleaned the malware, you can offer Royce this chip and the message that corps are behind him, in exchange for the bot. Royce will examine the chip and thank you for the information. However, soon after the end of the convo, Militech will attack both Royce and yourself.

You will have to fight against them and make your way out alive. There are also some drones that you will have to take down. But your efforts will pay off with rare upgrade materials that the drones will drop. Once you clear the area and head outside, Gilchrist will be waiting for you.

2. Pay with malware Militech chip choice consequences

If you would have left the chip as it is during the initial choices, it will hamper Maelstorm’s systems when they examine it. This will make Royce mad and you will have to fight each one of the gang members. Once you take down all the members and try leaving with the bot, Royce will be waiting for you in his boss form. To take him down, the best thing is to scan him and attack at his weak points.

Once you have dealt with Royce and the other Maelstorm gang members, you can collect his iconic Chaos pistol. The last thing to do then is to take the bot and hand it over to Meredith. You can of course heat things up by questioning her for tricking you into all of this. But if you stay calm and nice, she will discuss future projects from her corporation.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pickup Mission Best Choices

As you can clearly see here, the best choices to make will be:

  1. Interact with Meredith and take the Militech shard
  2. Hack the chip and clean the malware
  3. Interact with Jackie and enter the “All Foods” plant
  4. Calm Jackie and talk to Dum Dum
  5. Shoot Royce

Once you take down Royce, ensure collecting his iconic weapon Chaos pistol and jacket before leaving the plant and handing the bot to Meredith. By following these choices, you will also get to keep the Militech chip to yourself.

That’s everything you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077 Pickup mission choices with Stout, Dum Dum, and Royce and the consequences for the same. Once you collect Royce’s iconic weapon, you can add and remove weapon mods & attachments to tweak it. Along with iconic weapons, you can also grab several legendary weapons in the game, ensure reading more about them to add each of them to your collection, and get on the streets of Night City bombarding your enemies.