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Where To Take Jackie In Cyberpunk 2077 – Can You Save Jackie Welles?

Where should you take Jackie Welles in Cyberpunk 2077.

During the quest titled “The Heist” in Cyberpunk 2077, things go wrong and Jackie Welles seems to be on the verge of death. There is a choice given at the end of the quest. This has made a lot of fans of this lovable character to wonder can you save Jackie Wells in Cyberpunk 2077? In this can you save Jackie Welles guide, we will walk you through all the where to take Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077 choice consequences.

But before starting all of that, we want to give a heads up for the coming spoilers. Jackie a friendly character who is also the first person whom V meets in Night City. Hence, if you don’t want to get any spoilers about this loving character, it’s time to leave this guide. But if you are ok with the spoilers, continue reading to find out whether or not can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077 and where to take him?


Can You Save Jackie Welles in Cyberpunk 2077?

The very straightforward answer is NO. Unfortunately, you cannot save Jackie in Cyberpunk, no matter how hard you try or what different choices you select. The fight during the Heist quest causes heavy damage to Jackie. You somehow manage to escape the chase and get him away from the location. But still, he would have already gone unconscious and then die. The only choice that you can make then is about where to take his body.

can you save jackie welles in cyberpunk 2077


Where to Take Jackie Remains in Cyberpunk 2077?

At the very end of the Heist quest when Jackie is already dead, Delamain, the car’s AI, will ask you where you want to send his remains. This is when you can make the choice of where to take Jackie Welle’s remains in Cyberpunk 2077. The choices available to you will be:

  • Nowhere. Wait for me here
  • Take him home, to his family
  • Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic


Now, we will get into the consequences of all the choices and the best one that you should select. But to put it straight, “Take him home, to his family” is the right choice to select. Here’s why we are asking you to pick that option.

where to take jackie choice consequences in cyberpunk 2077

Nowhere. Wait for Me Here Choice Consequences


If you select this option, V will ask the car’s AI to wait for him at the same location. However, due to the situation, V will never be able to return to the car. This means that you won’t find Jackie’s remains and the funeral will not be possible.

Take Him Home, to His Family Choice Consequences

As the name gives it out, choosing this option will tell Delamain to take his body to his family. As a consequence of this choice, you will receive a call from his mother. She will be happy that at least she has Jackie’s body for a funeral. Mamma Welles will discuss the funeral plans and invite you to attend.

Take Him to Vik Vektor’s Clinic Choice Consequences

If you pick this choice, V will instruct the AI driver that Jackie’s family should not be seeing him in this condition. Hence, it will be better to send him to Vik’s clinic. Sounds like a great option for this, but here’s the thing. When you revisit the clinic, Vik will tell you that Arasaka guards took Jackie’s body. Hence, in the end, you will not have Jackie Welles’s remains and you won’t be able to give a funeral. Also, Mamma Welles will not be happy as she won’t get her son’s body.

It is clear that the only way to give a proper funeral to your beloved friend Jackie is by choosing the option to send his remains to his family.

Now you know that you cannot save Jackie Welles where to take him choice consequences in Cyberpunk 2077. It will help you select the right option. You will come across several other choices in Cyberpunk 2077. The very first choices you need to make is which lifepath and classes to choose from. Once this is done, you will also come across betray Dex or Evelyn and pick Angel or Skye choices in Cyberpunk 2077.