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How To Get More Outfits & Change Clothes In CP2077

Here's how to change clothes & change your appearance. Also know how to get more new outfits & cool items from clothing shops in Night City.

In Night City, looking your absolute best is crucial. Although you can choose to look however you want in the game by creating your character, your fashion sense makes an impact too. Your fashion sense will make people react differently to you so it’s important to look as cool as you possibly can. Since this is the only way to change appearance in the game, find out how to change clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 and get more new outfits and clothing options. The easiest way costs money, though, so make sure you’ve got enough.

How to Change Clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 (Clothing Options)



Here’s how to change clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 easily from the options you have in your Inventory:

  • Head to the Inventory.
  • Check out the options to change clothing under Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes etc.
  • Choose the slot that you want to change and confirm by pressing X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox).
  • Pick the clothing item you like and equip it.
  • That’s how you can change appearance of V and change clothes in Cyberpunk 2077.


Where to Buy Clothes – How to Get More New Clothes & Outfits?


In case you want more fashionable options in your Inventory, you have to get more clothes and outfits. You can do that by going to Clothing shops scattered all over Night City and they are indicated with a Jacket icon on the map. Once you travel to any Clothes shop, talk to the vendor using the multiple dialogue options and check out all the new clothes he is selling. Luckily, you will also get an armor boost with some of them.



There’s also another way to get more clothes in CP2077 and that’s by looting dead bodies of opponents or boxes. But more than these, it’s best to buy them from clothing shops.

This is basically how to change clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 and get more clothing and outfits easily. For those looking to get clothing sets quickly, check out our linked guide right away. In case you need more money for your fashionable outfits, here’s how to make money fast and find at which street cred level you can unlock new clothes at clothing stores.