Cyber Rebellion Tier List 2023

Not sure whom to add to your team? Check out this Cyber Rebellion Warriors tier list to select them.

Cyber Rebellion takes you to a world engulfed by the α viruses released by the destroyer Apocalypse. Its only remaining abode is Skyfall. You, with the other Warriors and Inspector, are to protect the homeland using the best formation. Every decision you make will decide the future of your kind. And that is exactly why you need to create a team using our Cyber Rebellion tier list.

We went through the roles, powers, classes, and stats of these Warriors to create this ranking. But the devs keep introducing new characters occasionally. Thus, we recommend you save this tier list, as we’ll be updating it with new and more powerful characters.

Cyber Rebellion Tier List – Best Warriors Ranked

Cyber Rebellion Warriors Ranking
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As there are many Warriors for you to choose from, we have listed the best among them. So the D-tier character is also more useful than the non-listed. That said, let us now check this ranking of these warriors with the Cyber Rebellion tier list:

S+ Tier Characters

All characters listed here provide the best overall stats and power. Having any of them in your team as a beginner will make progress faster.

  • Starring Diva
  • Vermilion Dawn
  • Byakko
  • Foamy Sweet Dream
  • Ghost

S Tier Characters

They might not be as good as the S-tier characters, but they aren’t less too. You’ll easily be able to deal with the World Boss, just by developing and making them part of your team.

  • Suzaku
  • Dirty Gold
  • Force of Nature
  • Matrix Runner
  • Arashi Kiru
  • Speed To Burn

A+ Tier Characters

The listed characters have good progression and abilities. Most listed ones, apart from the assigned class, can be used for multiple purposes. You can customize each of them in various ways.

  • Death Eye
  • Dirty Gold
  • Master Chief
  • Neuromancer
  • Vanguard
  • Zangetsu
  • Seiryu
  • Plague Huntress
  • The New Order

A Tier Characters

Combination with these warriors will not disappoint you. They might not be as powerful as the above-listed one, but they have decent progression. You can easily create a build for them. And like A+, use them for multiple purposes.

  • Ember In Ashes
  • Oracle
  • Vicious Rose
  • Alpha Wolf
  • Barrage Fortress
  • Aquila
  • Striker
  • Sakuragari

B Tier Characters

Here are what you would call the decent ones. They are neither super useful nor the worst. They are just the okay ones, you can use them if none of the above listed are available. Since the team should consist of different classes, you might need them.

  • Assault
  • Ranger
  • Matrix Runner
  • Duke Silver
  • Stinger
  • Apat
  • Tarantula
  • Jab

C Tier Characters

They are the average ones, but not as good as B-tier characters. They should only be used when you need the class associated with them.

  • Hound of Doom
  • Prosthetic Doctor
  • Raiden
  • Gunblade
  • Amagu Guard
  • Jet Boxer
  • Iron Fist

D Tier Characters

Warriors of this list aren’t weak, but they don’t offer much useful progression. You’ll find it difficult to develop them. And even after development, they wouldn’t show much difference.

  • Augmenter
  • Data Hub

That’s all on the Cyber Rebellion tier list. If you found this ranking useful and are looking for similar futuristic games and tier lists, you should check our mobile game guides. We have covered plenty of cyber themed games.

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