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Honkai Star Rail Currencies Explained (Stellar Jade, Credits & More)

Want to know how Stellar Jades, Credits and Passes work in the Gacha? Then check out our guide which explains all Honkai Star Rail Currencies.

If you have played Genshin Impact, you will be familiar with the Gacha as well as the currency system. After hopping on to Honkai Star Rail, you will notice that a lot of that is very similar. Since Honkai is a free-to-play game, the developer HoYoverse has introduced several new currencies. Whether you’re new to this series of games or a veteran, you can easily get overwhelmed with the different currencies like Stellar Jades, Credits & so on. This guide will explain all the Honkai Star Rail Currencies and their uses.

All Honkai Star Rail Currencies – How To Get & Uses


Mentioned below are all the available Honkai Star Rail currencies, their uses and how to earn them:

  • Stellar Jade
  • Credits
  • Star Rail Pass Currency 
  • Star Rail Special Pass
  • Undying Starlight
  • Undying Embers
  • Oneiric Shards

Stellar Jade

Stellar Jade is the most valued premium currency in Honkai Star Rail. It is a premium Gacha currency that can be earned while completing objectives or looting chests. Stellar Jade is currency players use to pull Characters and Light Cones from Warp Banners. If you want to use the Gacha to buy new characters, it’s important that you learn all the ways to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail.


Credits are the most common form of currency in Honkai. It can be earned in plenty while completing activities in the game. Credits can then be used to buy items from NPC merchants, character upgrades and Light Cone weapon upgrades.

Star Rail Pass Currency – Honkai Star

Star Rail Passes can be used to roll on the standard Gacha banners in Honkai. You can purchase one Star Rail Pass for 160 Stellar Jades.

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Star Rail Special Pass


Special passes can be exchanged for one pull on a limited-time Gacha Warp banner in Honkai Star Rail. Similar to the standard pass, you can purchase one Star Rail Pass for 160 Stellar Jades.

Undying Starlight Currency

For every Gacha pull that gives you a 3-star or lower item, you will earn a small amount of Undying Starlight. Moreover, you can use them in the store to get more Star Rail passes, four-star characters or Light Cones.

Undying Embers

Undying Embers is a Honkai Star Rail currency that is earned when you pull a 4-star or 5-star character or item. You can then use them to purchase character EXP, Credits, Ascension materials and more passes.

Oneiric Shards

Lastly, we have the Oneiric Shards which is the premium currency in Honkai. However, it can be bought by exchanging real money. You can use it to buy some special bundles from the store or to convert Stellar Jade at a 1:1 rate.

That’s all you need to know about all the currencies in Honkai Star Trail. For more guides like this, head to our Honkai Star section on Gamer Tweak.