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Cuphead The Delicious Last Course: How To Defeat Mortimer Freeze

Want to freeze down the wizard? Check out our guide on how to defeat the Mortimer freeze in Cuphead the Delicious Last Course DLC.

After several delays, the DLC for Cuphead, The Delicious Last Course is finally out. If you want to delve into the era of hand-drawn animations, this game will take you to the classic era of the 1930s with an exceptional and soulful jazz soundtrack. As you play and progress as Cuphead, you will encounter several enemies and bosses. Mortimer freeze is one of the newest bosses featured in the recent DLC. Along with a grin and a wizard hat, this boss features three phases and a wide range of attacks. So, defeating him can be a bit tricky. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to defeat Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead the Delicious Last Course DLC.

How to Defeat Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC

As mentioned earlier, this boss features three phases. With these three phases, Mortimer Freeze also uses his three different forms. The difficulty of the boss fight also depends on the mode you select.

So, let’s break down this boss fight into three phases.

Phase 1

For the first phase, the grinning purple-hat wizard uses three key attacks.

  • As soon as you fight with him, he summons four tiny living icicles.
  • These icicles run across the arena and follow you as they touch the ground. We suggest destroying these Icicles before getting into the fight with Mortimer.
  • While the icicles fall slower in the simpler mode, they fall at a much greater speed.
  • Now, for the second attack, he tosses an orange-colored whale into the ground to damage you. You need to dodge the whale to not get any damage.
  • Make sure you keep on moving as he has a higher ground above you. Also, make sure to keep on shooting him to deplete his HP.
cuphead dlc how to defeat mortimer freeze
Image Source – JustoAllDay on YouTube.
  • Lastly, he brings out his magical crystal ball and flings a couple of tarot cards in your way. These attacks can be parried as well as dodged with ease.
  • These tarot cards are destroyed upon parrying the thrown cards.

Phase 2

Once you have depleted his health enough, Mortimer Freeze rings a bell and summons an enormous snowman. He merges with this giant snowman to become a more horrifying boss. This phase can be more challenging than the previous one.

  • With the snowman form, he slams the ground upon you to damage. While being airborne, he can also roll across the ground to deplete your health.
  • He will roll across and throw himself into your way. Mortimer can also roll twice across the ground.
  • To counter this attack, you can jump across the rolling snowball or use Ms. Chalice’s dodge roll.
  • You will get a moment to dodge this attack when he takes the stance to roll. If he is closer to the ground during his stance, it means he will roll across.
  • On the other hand, if he is a bit higher to the ground during a stance, that means he will be a wrecking ball across your way.
  • It seems that being a Snowman has its perks, as Mortimer transforms into a Fridge.
  • And the first attack he will inflict is throwing out ice cubes. As these cubes fall on the ground, they multiply and start bouncing in different directions.
cuphead dlc defeat mortimer freeze
Image Source – JustoAllDay on YouTube.
  • The best way to dodge this attack is not to be close to him when he spits out the cubes.
  • Now, for his last attack, he furiously slams the ground shaking the arena. As soon as he slams, multiple swords pop out upwards from the ground. When the first sword pops out, we suggest standing next right to it.
  • That’s because these swords are apart from each other. If you stand right next to a sword, the other sword will surely be farther away.

Phase 3

After you have depleted him enough, he explodes and goes into the sky to transform into a laughing 8-point Snowflake. As he explodes, you need to climb on the appearing platforms. Once you climb the top-most platforms, you will see five floating platforms. Now, the arena will change into these five platforms that you need to keep on changing to fight him. Mortimer has a set of various attacks and moves set in this phase.

  • Firstly, he will throw a couple of colored buckets in your way. When these buckets reach the end of the other screen, they turn into multiple Crescent moons. So, you need to dodge them as well. We suggest staying close to the floating Snowflake to dodge these attacks.
how to defeat mortimer freezer cuphead dlc
Image Source – JustoAllDay on YouTube.
  • His other attack comprises throwing four projectiles at ice cream cones. As these are a bit slow, it will be easy to dodge them. But make sure you are farther away from him.
  • Before he inflicts this attack, he will summon an ice cream stand inside his mouth and cycle around.
  • Now, for his last attack, Mortimer freakishly takes out one of his eyeballs. This eyeball would float around the arena and shoots three vertical beams of electricity. During expert mode, this vertical beam can strike up to five times.
  • You need to stay away from the eyeball to avoid its direct impact.

Once he takes enough damage, the floating snowflake will melt down showing the disguised Mortimer not-so-Freeze. You will see him shivering with a thermometer wrapped up in a couple of blankets.

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That’s everything covered on how to defeat Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead the Delicious Last Course DLC. If you liked this guide, check out more Video Gaming guides right here on Gamer Tweak.