Crosswords With Friends Not Working? Here’s How To Fix

Are you facing problems with Crosswords With Friends not working on your mobile phone? Don’t worry, as in this guide we will tell you how to fix the game issue in detail below. For the unversed, Crosswords With Friends is a very popular mobile game downloaded by millions of players on the Google Play Store and App Store. Sometimes, the game becomes unresponsive or many players are unable to play Crosswords With Friends on their Android or iOS devices, so, in this article, we will provide you with all the solutions for it.

Crosswords With Friends Not Working Fix

how to fix Crosswords With Friends not working

To fix Crosswords With Friends not working issue on your mobile phone such as an Android or iPhone, you need to make sure that there are no issues with an Internet connection on your device, ensure you are not using a VPN, check for any game server issue that might be down, etc.

In any case, you can eventually follow all the tips listed below to fix the Crosswords With Friends not working on your mobile devices.

Update Crosswords With Friends on Android or iOS Device

If the Crosswords With Friends is outdated on your Android or iPhone device, there are chances that it may not work properly. So go to your specific stores like Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices and check if there are any latest updates available for the game. If there is then quickly update Crosswords With Friends with the latest version and once done, launch the app without any issues.

Uninstall and Reinstall Crosswords With Friends

First, you should try to uninstall and reinstall the Crosswords With Friends on your Android and iPhone devices. To do that the same, on your Android phone access the Apps area and uninstall the same app, then go to Google Play Store and download and install it again. On iPhone or iPad, long press the Crosswords With Friends and then click on the “X” icon to uninstall the app, then go to the App Store and download and install the game again. If this method doesn’t work, follow the next fix below.

Check Internet Connection, Mobile Data, or Wifi Status

When you are having issues with Internet connection or mobile data on your smartphone or tablet devices, you are bound to get Crosswords With Friends not working issues. So, make sure that your Android or iOS devices do not have any network or Wi-Fi connection problems, as Crosswords With Friends sometimes requires stable Internet to work properly.

Update Android and iOS to the latest Operating System version

Problems with Crosswords With Friends can also come from the operating system on your Android and iOS devices that might not be up to date. Either way, even if the Android or iOS version isn’t the issue, it’s always better to be up to date. To update your smartphone or tablet, go to Settings, then System, and finally System Update. If your device is listed as up to date, check with Check for Updates anyway. If you get a prompt for the latest update, just install it immediately.

Check the Server of Crosswords With Friends (Down or Up)

It might be possible that the server could be down, therefore you are getting Crosswords With Friends not working issues. This happens due to too many users simultaneously connecting and playing the online game which jams the server. You can even check the status of the server at Downdetector, which will give you accurate information on whether Crosswords With Friends is down or not. So, if the server is down, just wait for a couple of hours to get it fixed.

That is all you need to know about how to fix Crosswords With Friends not working issues on your Android or iOS devices. If you play more mobile games, check out our dedicated section of Mobile Guides featuring more error fixes. For example, here’s what to do if Boggle With Friends is not working.