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How To Fix Destiny 2 Crossplay Not Working (Player Not Found)

Destiny 2 Crossplay Not Working Fix: Try these potential fixes to play Destiny 2 with your cross-platform friends on PlayStation, Xbox & PC.

Is Destiny 2 crossplay not working and can’t find your friends? Many players are facing the ‘player not found’ issues despite having their Bungie name. Is there a fix for this or any workaround? Let’s look at everything you can try out.

Destiny 2 Crossplay Not Working – How to Solve Player Not Found Issue?

destiny 2 crossplay player not found

Those who are playing on PC are trying to add their cross-platform friends on Xbox/PS and vice versa by using the Bungie name as explained by Bungie. Despite this, they are getting the player not found error. It seems that adding players using the Destiny 2 app has worked for a few players as mentioned on the game’s forums. One user has noted hat if you join the same clan as your friend via the Exact Clan Lookup on the Destiny app, you can add friends from there. Check out the entire thread right here. Also, ensure that you have enabled crossplay. Next, check if your name/your friend’s name follows Bungie’s Code of Conduct. That’s because if it does not, it will be changed to Guardian with a unique 4 digit number. This could possibly cause confusion while trying to play with your cross-platform friends. It’s crucial that the name is added accurately to be able to add them.

Now, these are just workarounds until this issue is officially fixed by the devs. Unfortunately, even on Bungie.net/friends, players are not able to add friends or type the names as well. So, try the fixes mentioned above to see if they work for you.

Bungie has responded to a query on its forum and mentioned that they are aware of it and they are investigating it. So, as of now, all we can do is wait for an update from Bungie. Hopefully, it is fixed soon and players and friends from different platforms can enjoy the game together.

Do keep an eye on the official twitter accounts or Reddit subreddits for up to date information regarding this problem.

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