How To Win Crossed Wands Round Three In Hogwarts Legacy

Are you ready to win the Hogwarts Legacy crossed wands round three? Here's our guides with the tips and tricks you need.

While it has its main quests, there are side quests in Hogwarts Legacy like the Crossed Wands Duels that are going on in the Clocktower. It is important to win the crossed wands round three, in Hogwarts Legacy, as it will help you gain 180XP and the Crossed Wands Champion Garb. In the third and final round, Lucan Brattleby will increase one more wizard in your opponents, making you face four of them. The third round is unlocked once you complete the Tomes and Tribulations quest and learn the Incendio Spell by completing Professor Hecats assignment.

How to Win the Final Crossed Wands Round in Hogwarts Legacy

Choose a Duel Partner to Win

crossed wands duel partner hogwarts legacy
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Right before the round, practice your skills with the Training Dummy and then the notification to the round will automatically pop up on the left-hand side of your screen. Now is your chance to win the crossed wands round three in Hogwarts Legacy. During the conversation with Lucan Brattleby you get the option to either go alone or choose a partner. We recommend going with the latter since having Natsai or Sebastian assist you against four opponents makes it easier.

How to Destroy Enemy Shields in Crossed Wands Duel

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There are three Protego (protection) shields, red, purple, and yellow that you need to worry about and your spell set should match the colors. Although it will take precision and good reflexes, here’s how you can destroy the enemy shields in the Crossed Wands duel round three:

  • Yellow Shields – Can be brought down using control spells like Levioso.
  • Purple Shields –  Can be brought down using force spells like Accio.
  • Red Shields – Can be brought down using damage spells like Confringo or Incendio.

Crossed Wands Round Three Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a better understanding on how to break the enemy shields in this duel, things are going to get easier. However, since there are four opponents, we would like to share a few tips from our time in the Crossed Wands Duel round three in Hogwarts Legacy. The key to winning this round is being able to break the shields and spamming the basic attacks. So memorize the spells and the shields that they break before the fight.

Additionally, defense is something that cannot be neglected for this one. You will often have to dodge out of attacks and use Protego for your own defense. Although I like to spam at random, you can lock the targets down and then take them out one by one. Make sure that you are matching the color of the opponent’s shield with the color of your spells in order to break them.

At the end of it, the winner is rewarded with the Crossed Wand Duel Champion Garb and 180XP. If you found this article helpful on crossed wands round three duel, make sure to check our Hogwarts Legacy Guides to catch up on anything that you have missed.