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How To Block, Parry & Dodge Attacks In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how you can use Protego against enemy attacks in Hogwarts Legacy.

Knowing how to block, parry, and dodge attacks will help you a lot in your fights in Hogwarts Legacy. During your playthrough, you will come across several enemies like Mountain Trolls, Executioners, Scouts, and more. And they will not hesitate to attack you with everything they have. So here is how you can do a dodge roll to protect yourself in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Block and Parry in Hogwarts Legacy

how to block and parry attacks using protego in hogwarts legacy
Image Credit: How To Video Game (Guides & Gameplay)

You can block an attack by casting the Protego spell to generate a shield around you. Simply press and hold the Triangle, Y, or X button on your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controllers for it. You will see your character cover themselves in a Blue Shield. This spell allows you to block most attacks. The only exception is that it won’t defend you against unblockable attacks. But if you can get your timing right you can even parry your enemy to deal them damage back.

  1. During a fight look for the yellow indication when an enemy attacks.
  2. Just before the enemy attack is about to hit you cast Protego.
  3. This will parry the enemy attack.

It will return damage to melee attackers. And will reflect back projectile attacks that will break enemy shields.

How to Dodge in Hogwarts Legacy

how to dodge enemy attacks in hogwarts legacy
Image Credit: How To Video Game (Guides & Gameplay)

Dodging is equally important as blocking or parrying in this game. You have to dodge attacks that cannot be blocked else you take damage. To dodge in Hogwarts Legacy, press the Circle, B, or A button on your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controllers, this will perform a dodge roll. Look for a red indication when an enemy is about to attack you with an unblockable move.

Make sure you dodge a few seconds before the attack is about to connect. Else if you dodge too early the enemy can correct their attack direction and might still be able to attack you.

That covers this combat guide on how to block and parry attacks using Protego & how to dodge in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are interested in this game then you should also find our guides useful on how to change clothes, and how to fill empty paintings. And for any other help check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.