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How To Get The Crimson Key In Returnal

Open the door of leveling up in Returnal by finding the Crimson Key

Returnal will have nothing that is gift wrapped for you players. You will have to work out the mechanics of give and take and expect nothing sugarcoated. The biomes are resource-rich. But you need to get your exploration skills up and running as some of the resources can be hidden in plain sight. You can also expect a lot of doors and hidden rooms and you may require to find some keys. One such key is the Crimson Key. It is required to open the second biome in the game called Crimson Wastes. So this key is basically your key to level up in the game. Hence in this guide, we will help you find and get to the location of the Crimson key to open the second biome of Returnal.

How To Get the Crimson Key in Returnal?


Crimson Key
Players can get the Crimson Key by defeating the first boss Phrike in the Overgrown Ruins biome of Returnal. The key will be dropped as a reward to beat this boss after the fight. Complete the first biome. As soon as you are done with the Phrike, the key will be in the same location where the boss was standing.
Once you get the Crimson Key, head to the portal which is the locked gates for the Chrimson Wastes Biome. Now if you die while heading to the gates, you will lose the key from your inventory. But the good thing about this key is that you can just go back to the location that you get it from and collect it again. You will not have to defeat the boss again and again.

So that is all for our guide on how to find the Crimson Key location in Returnal. If you would like to know how to open yellow doors and barriers make sure you check that guide out too.