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The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Crashing Issues: How To Fix

Facing crashing, freezing, & other issues? Check out our guide on how to fix the Last of Us Part 1 Crashing issues on PC.

Facing The Last Of Us PC crashing and freezing issues? With the recent HBO show’s first season premiere, The Last of Us has interested several fans and players to play its PC port. But unfortunately, PC players are encountering several bugs, glitches, and crashes. As soon as players launch the game, they are experiencing constant crashes. There can be several reasons for the TLOU PC crashing issues. So, what do we do? We endure and survive but most importantly we try to resolve these issues. So, check out our guide to find out the potential workarounds to resolve these issues.

How to Fix The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Crashing Issues

the last of us pc crashing

Fortunately, the devs at Naugty Dog have acknowledged the TLOU Part 1 PC crashing issues. They confirmed in an official tweet that they are working to fix the Last of Us crashing issues on PC in their upcoming patches. As their team monitors the support pages, you can submit a ticket and describe the encountered crashing issues in more detail. You can submit a ticket by heading to their official website link here.

Until you wait for the patches to resolve the crashing issues, you can try out some potential fixes. So, here are some fixes to resolve the Last of Us Part 1 Crashing on PC issues:

Wait for the Shaders to Complete

As is the case with most games, the Last of Us Part 1 on PC might be crashing due to the Building Shaders not being finished. Several players shared that waiting for the Shaders to be installed fully can help with the crashes and freezing issues.

That being said, several players are stuck on building screens for a long time. Not to worry, you can check out our guide on how to fix building Shaders taking time.

Restart your PC & Platform

Before we start, try this classic fix that works almost every time. You can restart your PC to check if that resolved the crashing issues. Alternatively, you can reset the game client you are playing TLOU on PC.

So, close the Epic Games or the Steam window from your PC. Also, close both the gaming platforms from your PC Toolbar as well. Once you have restarted your gaming client, launch the Last of US to check if the issues persist.

Verify your Game Files

Missing game files or data can be one of the reasons for TLOU to have crashing, freezing, or stuttering issues. To resolve that, you can Verify your game files from the game client to resolve these issues. You can do so on Steam as well as Epic Games.

So, follow the below steps to Verify your Game files on Steam:

  • Launch the Steam and right-click on The Last of Us on the left pane.
  • Click on the Properties option from the drag-down menu.
  • Then, head to the Local Files and select the Verify Integrity of Game Files option.

Here’s how you can Verify your game files on Epic Games:

  • Launch the Epic Games launcher and right-click on TLOU Part 1 under installed games.
  • Then, click the Manage option and select the Verify button.

If you are missing some files, this option will redownload those files and data. So, it can take a bit of time. However, this should resolve the crashing issues on your PC.

But, if none of the above workarounds resolved the issue, we suggest waiting for Naughty Dogs to release the update. You can follow their official Twitter account (link) to stay updated about upcoming patches or updates. We will update this guide as soon as more information is revealed.

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