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How To Fix Last Of Us PC Building Shaders?

Here is what you should know about the Building Shaders taking time issue of The Last of Us PC Part 1.

Many players are suffering from the stuck on building shaders for The Last of Us PC and need a fix for it. This port of the game has been long awaited for PC and with its recent show, even more fans have joined in on the hype. And even though it is out, most people are unable to play it simply because of the time it takes to build the shaders. So here is why this issue is happening and how you can fix it.

How to Fix Last of Us PC Building Shaders taking Time?

how to fix last of us pc building shaders taking long

There is currently no official way to fix this error. But thanks to Reddit user u/S5AurA for sharing a possible fix that can help most users out. You can check out their post here.

  • Install 2.9.5 Oodle decompression library: Apparently, the decompression library that the game uses is version 2.9.6 which has memory leak issues. So you can simply replace it with the previous version of the library. Currently, the two games from which you can get this file are Warframe and FIFA 23.
      • Simply paste the oo2core_9_win64.dll file into the root directory of your game.
    • But as they said this fix doesn’t work for everyone.

And if you don’t want to experiment with the above fix, then there are some general tricks that you can try to speed up the shader-building process.

  • Update your Drivers: This is practically the only thing that seem to work well for many users. Make sure your system and graphics drivers are up to date. Once you update them restart your system and then run the game. The shaders should build faster now.
  • Wait: This isn’t exactly any fix but several users on different posts regarding this issue have said that it gets faster after 40%.

Lastly, if it hasn’t been 2 hours since you ran the game. Then you can refund the game. Steam lets you refund games that you haven’t played for more than 2 hours.

Why is Building Shaders taking so Long?

The Last of Us PC port is struggling for a lot of PCs at the time of writing this article. Don’t worry the issue isn’t on your end, it is actually the fault with the porting of this game.

This problem has been discussed not only on the game’s subreddit but its Steam page is also filled with Negative reviews. Even many High-end PCs are taking as much as 40 minutes to 1 hour for building shaders. And when it comes to PCs that qualify for its minimum requirements, it is taking around 2 hours or more to build the shaders.

That sums up everything that you can do about the stuck on Building Shaders error for The Last of Us PC. For more things about this game be sure to check out our list of all cheats and secrets in this game.