All Cheats & Secrets In The Last Of Us

Here are all the Cheats & Secrets that you need to know about The Last of Us.

Nearly a decade has passed since The Last of Us was released on the PlayStation and PC. Even today, it has the capability to go shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the newer action-adventure games. No matter how many playthroughs you might have completed, you are still bound to find something new in Naughty Dog’s beloved hit each time. There’s so much to know about this timeless classic which is why we have come up with this guide. Without further ado, here are The Last of Us Cheats and Secrets.

The Last Of Us Cheats & Secrets

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Now that The Last of Us HBO series is out, former players are delighted as they now get to sit back and relive the game again. There is not much to separate The Last of Us video game from the TV series itself. But nothing beats the subtle references and easter eggs put forth by Naughty Dog in the game. If you’re interested in unraveling these secrets and cheats in The Last of Us, then keep reading:

1. Infinite Shivs

Some may call it a bug, but we feel this is actually a blessing in disguise more than anything. All that you’ll need to do is equip an upgraded melee weapon. then walk towards another weapon on the ground like an axe, bat, lead pipe, or machete. Pick it up and swap it again with your upgraded melee weapon. This will replenish the materials needed to craft unlimited Shivs.

The importance of Shivs is undeniable in The Last of Us. With the melee weapon, you can take out those annoying Clickers in stealth or unlock a shiv door. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about keeping enough ammo, unlike a weapon. The only issue is that you can use it only three times. That was the case until players found this glitch which is not fixed by the devs to this day!

2. Switch Difficulty for Easier Ammunition and Supplies

Do you want to experience challenging combat that keeps you on your toes but also have an easy time searching for loot? All that you’ll need to do is pause the game and switch to the Easy difficulty. You will now get a generous amount of ammunition and supplies in that particular area. Don’t forget to revert back to your original difficulty level once you’re done.

Though this may sound enticing, there’s no joy in beating the game while desperately scavenging for ammo, health kits, and other supplies. Personally, we don’t recommend this if you want to have a sweet taste of victory.

3. The Grounded Mode

The most difficult mode was added during a DLC update. Your enemies will be much smarter and stronger now. Moreover, your accuracy plays a vital role in this mode as your enemies won’t need second chances. Moreover, ammo, health kits, and other resources will be extremely scarce. If push comes to shove, you might need to use your fists on FEDRA soldiers or run away from the Infected to survive. Remember, if you die, you will be sent back to the start of the chapter!

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4. New Game+ Mode

If you want to do another playthrough of The Last of Us, try choosing the New Game+ option. This mode will retain all your stats, collectibles, weapon upgrades, and crafting levels. This will eliminate the painstaking process of upgrading your weapons and resources again. You will also be able to devote more time to exploring other areas of the game instead of scouring for supplies.

5. Easter Eggs & Other References

Another secret in the Last of Us are the easter eggs themselves. There are several Easter eggs included by the developers in The Last of Us. Since its publisher is Sony as well, you are bound to get several references. In interest of time, we will only mention the most notable ones,

  • PlayStation 3 Consoles
  • Unchartered series
  • The Walking Dead
  • Film Posters
  • Naughty Dog Merchandise 

That’s all you need to know about all cheats and secrets in The Last of Us. We hope we managed to introduce you to some new features in the game to enjoy your next playthrough. While you’re still here, do check out our guides section on Gamer Tweak for the latest tips & tricks, survival guides, and mission walkthroughs for the most trending games right now.