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Pokemon Unite Cramorant Bug Explained

Here is a guide that explains everything about the Cramorant Bug in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game where you play as one of the Pokemon in the game. It is a fun and amazing game to play with your friends. But, recently there is a bug going on regarding one of the Pokemon from the game, Cramorant. The Cramorant Bug is one of those game-breaking bug where the Pokemon Cramorant becomes Invincible indefinitely. In this guide, I am going to explain what the Cramorant Bug in Pokemon Unite is in full detail.

Cramorant Bug in Pokemon Unite

cramorant bug
Image Source: u/saltwaterjoozy

As of 14ᵗʰ December 2021, the Cramorant Bug has been patched. To keep it simple, the Cramorant Bug gives an Invincibility to the Pokemon Cramorant in Pokemon Unite. If you do a sequence of steps with Cramorant, you will activate this bug. The nature of this bug is such that Cramorant will take no damage from any source nor will he be aggroed by any wild Pokemon. The Invincibility Status will stay as long as Cramorant does not score on a Goal.

The devs of Pokemon Unite have confirmed from their Twitter Platform that they are actively fixing this issue. Till the fix happens there is nothing a player can do to fix or avoid the Cramorant Bug in Pokemon Unite. I suggest not playing Ranked Mode till the Bug is fixed and avoiding using Cramorant. Pokemon Unite is supposed to be a fun game. But with bugs like this and bad players who exploit them, it can make good games like Pokemon Unite bad. I urge you to adhere to these requests till the Cramorant Bug is fixed for the sake of others and yourself. If you see anyone using the exploit, report them.

This was all about the Cramorant Bug in Pokemon Unite. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides on Login Error Fix and Ranked in Pokemon Unite.