Pokemon Unite Ranking System: All Ranks Explained

Here is a guide that explains the ranks in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite along with its Standard and Quick modes has a Ranked system. This is the Competitive side of Pokémon Unite. Every game with a Ranked System has multiple levels of Ranks. Today I will explain the Ranks and how the Ranking system works in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Ranking System & Ranks Explained


Pokémon Unite has 6 Ranks that can be earned and each rank has a certain number of Classes. The Ranks are:

  • Beginner: 3 Classes
  • Great: 4 Classes
  • Expert: 5 Classes
  • Veteran: 5 Classes
  • Ultra: 5 Classes
  • Master: Rating from 0 to 99999

As mentioned above these are the Ranks and their respective Classes. They are listed from the lowest to the highest Ranks obtainable in Pokémon Unite. Master Rank doesn’t have classes but has a Rating number that ranges from 0 to 99999.

In Pokémon Unite, your wins and losses dictate whether you climb higher in the ranks or lower. With wins or losses, you gain/lose Rank points. Along with wins and losses, your performance in those games also counts. For certain criteria, the game awards you with Performance points. Things like 100+ Score Bonus or Streaks grants extra points. For each Class, there is a different amount of points required to rank up bust as you do you will go to the next Class. When you have reached the last Class of that Rank you will go to the next Rank. Subsequently, you will move down a Class when you go below 0 Points of that Class. To Rank up faster, try and be the best team player because as long as you are doing something for the win you will earn points. When you complete the Points Bar, you will be one of the 3 Stars of that Class. Complete all 3 Stars to go to the next Class.

How to unlock Ranked

There are 2 Conditions required, your Trainer Level must be at least 6 and you must have 5 Unite Licenses. As you keep playing the game, you will level up fast enough. In terms of Unite Licenses, you will have 6 Pokémons by the time you have played the game for 8 days. This way you will be able to play Ranked on the 8th day at the minimum.

This was all about the Ranks in Pokémon Unite. Hopefully, this helped in understanding the game a little more. You can also check out our guides on Pokémon Unite Friend Codes and Blastoise in Pokémon Unite.

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