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Splitgate Crag Map: Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Here is all about the newest map in Splitgate, Crag.

Splitgate has finally been launched globally and the hype is through the roof. With the launch, the game has got some new maps we can play on. Foregone Destruction, Crag, and Impact are the new Maps in Splitgate. Today I am going to talk about Crag and what you can do on this map.

Splitgate Crag Map Explained

crag map

Crag was a Mining Operation that was abandoned as Ancient Alien Artifacts were excavated. Crag feels like there are two maps in one. The map is Multi-Level where the Top-side is wide open with long sightlines. Here guns with sniping capabilities will help you dominate the Top-side. Although the Lower Level has a different story. The Lower Level is filled with tunnels where Close Quater Engagements will happen. Guns that can mow down enemies quickly will be superior here. The Mining site has a conical shape where at the bottom is a platform that portals are placable. Crag has multiple areas which are out of bounds so thread wisely. In this Map, Water is not your friend so don’t go swimming.

What are the Strategies on Crag?

Like any other Maps in Splitgate, constantly moving about is key. In this Map, there is a Portal Platform at the bottom. Put one portal on it and then put another portal on the wall elsewhere, I suggest somewhere on the Top-side. Once you do get a Shotgun or a Rocket Launcher. How the Portals work in Splitgate is when you enter through them, your momentum increases. The faster you go into a portal the more momentum you get. So if you fall into the Portal below, you will fly and I mean “Fly” out the other side.

Your enemies won’t be able to shoot you at such speeds, giving you the advantage. Hence, Shotguns or Rocket Launchers are the best to use when you are whizzing by your enemy’s heads. You can also use Rifles and such but they won’t work as well as the earlier weapons. You can also camp a corner and peek through your portal like any other map but where is the fun in that. The prep work for this strat is a bit tough but it will award you with amazing clips and laughs.

Another one could just hold the “W” Key. There are sections on the map where Portal Walls are close together. Just spam your Portals on them and Run N Gun them down with SMGs or Rifles. With Crag’s layout, every encounter is going to be fast-paced so being alert is going to be Key. Otherwise, any strats that work for you will help you win.

This was all about the new Map Crag on Splitgate. Hopefully, this has helped you understand the map. You can also check out our guides on Spligate Controls and Best Settings for FPS.