All Splitgate Controls Guide (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Splitgate Controls guide for PC & consoles (Xbox and PlayStation).

The new season of Splitgate has finally launched! If you are planning to try this game out and experience the Halo x Portal combination for yourself, these Splitgate controls will help you get started. We’ve listed out the controls for PC as well as console players (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5).

Splitgate Controls List PC (Keybinds)

pc keybinds splitgate

Keybinds Action
W or Up Move Forward
A or Left Move Left
S or Down Move Backward
D or Right Move Right
Left Shift Sprint
Space Bar Jump/Thruster Pack
C or Left Ctrl Crouch
Left Mouse Button Fire
R Reload
V Melee
G Grenade
Right Mouse Button Zoom
F Action
I Inspect
B Play Emote
H Spray
Q Shoot Left Portal
E Shoot Right Portal
Z Close Left Portal
X Close Right Portal
Mouse Wheel UP Next Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down Previous Weapon
1 Primary Weapon
2 Secondary Weapon
Esc Pause
Tab Check Scores (Scoreboard)
Enter Text Chat
F10 Show UI or Hide UI
T Push to Talk (Team Voice Chat)
Y Push to Talk (Proximity Voice Chat)

Spectator Keybinds

Spectator Keybinds Action
E Move Up
Q Move Down
F1 Focus Player 1
F2 Focus Player 2
F3 Focus Player 3
F4 Focus Player 4
F5 Focus Player 5

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Splitgate Controls Xbox and PlayStation Controller

splitgate controls xbox playstation controller

Xbox/PlayStation Action
LB/L1 Shoot Left Portal
LT/L2 Zoom (Hold)
LS Movement
LS Button Sprint
D pad Up Play Emote
D pad Down Grenade
D pad Left Close Left Portal
D pad Right Close Right Portal
View Scoreboard
Menu Pause
RB/R1 Shoot Right Portal
RT/R2 Fire
Y/Triangle Next Weapon
B/Circle Crouch (Toggle)
A/X Jump/Thruster Pack
X/Square Reload (Tap)/Action(Hold)
RS Aiming
RS Button Melee

So, use these controls to get your kills and eliminate your opposing teams. If you need more help with the essential things to know in Splitgate, like what is the rank system and more – check out our linked guides section right away.

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