Destiny 2 Crafting Guide: How To Craft Weapons

Learn how to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2 from this guide.

Destiny 2 is a F2P online multiplayer FPS game where you embark on an intergalactic journey across the cosmos & beating any Foe on your path. You can ride on this journey as a solo player or in a Team Co-op. However you choose to go on your journey, you will need some good weapons. You can make such weapons in this game by crafting them with certain resource materials. In this guide, I will show you how to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2.

How to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2

craft weapons destiny 2


To be able to craft weapons in Destiny 2, you will have to complete the first Campaign mission from the Witch Queen Expansion. Once you complete the mission, you will gain access to the Enclave, a social space located on Mars. During the mission, you will get to craft the Enigma Glaive for free but will have to craft other weapons by spending certain resources. You can get such resources from Deepsight Resonance Weapons. These are Weapons that have a Red Border around them. All you have to do is take the Deepsight Resonance Weapon and get kills with it as well as complete the objectives on the weapon. After a while, it will say that Deepsight Resonance Complete. From there, go to your Inventory & Extract the resources from that Weapon.

This will not destroy the weapon but you will gain the resources required to craft said Weapon. Now you can go to a Crafting Station and Shape the Weapon to craft it in Destiny 2. But craft a Weapon in the game, you will need its Weapon Pattern. You can check out our guide on How To Get Weapon Patterns to know more about them. Once you do, you can Shape a Weapon and it will get crafted.

This was all about how to Craft a Weapon in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Get & Use Orbs Of Power in Destiny 2.