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Minecraft: How To Craft A Boat With Chest

Learn how to craft a Boat With Chest in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is a mix of a Sandbox & a Survival game. You can do whatever you want but you will have constantly survive by battling different enemies. Along with the survival aspect, you will be exploring the World of Minecraft a lot. As such having multiple methods of traveling & carrying a ton of resources with you will be key. Llamas & Donkeys are a good way of doing this but are only effective on land. Plus you will need to get them & tame them. For easier travel, we can look into Boats, especially the Boat with Chest. In this guide, I will show you how to Craft a Boat with Chest in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Boat With Chest in Minecraft


craft boat with chest minecraft

In the latest 1.19 Update of Minecraft, the Boat with Chest was released. As the name implies, it is a Boat that has a Chest attached to it in the Passenger’s Seat. Boats have been one of the fastest ways of traversing on Water and now you will be able to carry a lot more items with you. A Boat with Chest will be even more useful if you make a base in the new Swamp Biome in the Minecraft 1.19 Update. To Craft a Boat with Chest, you will only need Wood (any type will do). Here is how to craft it:

  • Boat with Chest – Take the Chest & place it on top of the Boat in the Crafting Table.
  • Boat – Take 5 Wooden Planks & make a U-shape in the Crafting Table.
  • Chest – Take 8 Wooden Planks & make a Ring-shape in the Crafting Table.


This will make the Boat with Chest in Minecraft. This will not only make it easy to travel on Water but also in the Nether. Boating on Ice Platforms in the Nether has become a staple in traversing the Nether & having a Chest on the Boat will help in carrying Farmed Items.

This was all about Crafting the Boat with Chest in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Find & Breed Frogs in Minecraft.