How to Get and Use the Copper Pan in Stardew Valley

Wondering how you can get and use the Copper Pan in Stardew Valley? Our guide will help you understand what you need to do to easily get this tool.

While playing, you will need to collect different kinds of ores and resources, especially if you are looking to craft some unique structures, machines, or equipment for your farm. As a result, players have been looking for a way to unlock the Copper Pan in Stardew Valley.

Once you have obtained this tool, you can use it to start panning for ores and other useful items like Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, and much more. Therefore, here’s the complete process you will have to follow if you want to acquire this useful tool in this game.

How to Get Copper Pan in SDV?

How To Get Copper Pan In Stardew Valley
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Even though you can possibly get the Copper Pan without spending any in-game currency, the process of obtaining it can be tedious and time-consuming. This is because you will get this tool only once you complete all six Fish Tank Bundles.

Once completed, you can enter the Mountain region the following day and it will trigger a cutscene where Willy will tell you that that boulder has disappeared. He will then teach you how to collect quality ores and will give you an extra Copper Pan he owns.

Alternatively, if you are following the JojoMart storyline instead of the Community Center, once you have your membership, you can buy the Panning Community Development Project.

You will then be able to remove the shimmering boulder by paying 20,000 Gold. After this, once you enter the Mountain region, the Willy cutscene will get triggered and you will receive the tool.

How to Use Copper Pan in Stardew Valley

To use your Copper Pan and start panning for ores, players will have to keep a lookout for shimmering lights flashing in any of the water bodies. Additionally, a splashing sound will also play whenever any of these quality ores and items are present.

When you notice these shimmering lights in any pond, lake, or river, you will have to left-click on the lights that appear. Before you do so, make sure the Copper Pan is present in your active inventory. Here’s the complete list of ores and other materials you can get through this panning process –

  • Coal – 50%
  • Copper Ore – 40%
  • Iron Ore – 35.9%
  • Omni Geode – 26%
  • Gold Ore – 23.1%
  • Earth Crystal – 4.9%
  • Frozen Tear – 4.9%
  • Fire Quartz – 4.2%
  • Diamond – 2%
  • Amethyst – 1.6%
  • Aquamarine – 1.6%
  • Emerald – 1.6%
  • Ruby – 1.6%
  • Topaz – 1.6%
  • Iridium Ore – 1%

And that’s all you need to know if you want to get and use Copper Pan in Stardew Valley. Find out about all the new features added during the Stardew Valley 1.6 update by learning about how you can get Clay, Jellies, and Powdermelon.